Today we believe God wants us to know that ...

God is crazy about you.

God sends you fresh flowers every spring, a breathtaking sunrise every morning. If God had a wallet, your picture would be in it. If God has a refrigerator, your childhood scribbles would be on it.

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Dear, Lord. It happens everyday to respond the hurt, frustration and anger because these freaks keep on yelling, say this all the time!
The radio keeps repeating it self and never ever bother to find GOD! They bunch of trash that are wasting time to hate, laugh and made fun of!!!
Lord, hope you fight the ISIS terrorists and social media going on. LORD, Hope you keep an eye out of the helicopter in CA in Westminster where I lived at. I saw an helicopter keep on flashing red, white and blue and goes away!?! What is that all about? Lord, hope you find some answers to that and keep them away from me everyday when I see that!!! Lord, you are my friend, my spirit and my lord. I hope I don't lived with the sins anymore! I am following the ten commandments and the other people does not know what that is. JEsus Christ, AMEN!