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God is crazy about you.

God sends you fresh flowers every spring, a breathtaking sunrise every morning. If God had a wallet, your picture would be in it. If God has a refrigerator, your childhood scribbles would be on it.

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Tiena Wayne
Tiena Wayne

Heavenly Father, you have brought me through so much in my lifetime and I am so very grateful. I realize I do not deserve the love and forgiveness that you give, for I am filled with sin, but I don't want to be filled with sin and I need you to continue to work in my life and help me to be a better person. I fail every test you bring to me, but I pray you will not give up on me. I am lifting my husband up to you. He has been through an enormous amount of injustice in his life. He is a hardworking, loving, giving man, but for some reason people tend to use and take advantage of him. He believes in you, but I have found that he doesn't really know how to have a relationship with you. He is trying harder and I pray that at some point he will come to you. Today he had another situation with a partner. There has been one thing after another with this one partner and he gets to the point where he just loses his cool, but always while talking about it with the other partner. Lord, please intervene in this and not allow this disrespect from this young man to continue. I ask you to come into my husbands heart and help him to try to remember to turn his burdens over to you. We have a lot more unpleasantness to go through this year and we are both going to need to come to you rather than rely on ourselves because we will need your wisdom and your strength and your protection. Father, I lift my precious mother up to you and pray that you will bring her relief from the pain. Bring her help, Father that she may be relived of the pain she has been having and be able to continue to be active. Lord thank you for your amazing grace. I lift these burdens up to you in the name of your son.