Today we believe God wants us to know that ...

God is crazy about you.

God sends you fresh flowers every spring, a breathtaking sunrise every morning. If God had a wallet, your picture would be in it. If God has a refrigerator, your childhood scribbles would be on it.

or for your personal Message from God.

Pray with Me Pray for others to make a difference. Ask others to pray for you!


Good day. Please kindly Pray for me to do my best in everything I do in college related works. Please Pray that Papa God will Bless me with the sufficient knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment of mind, quickness of mind to grasp ideas quickly, a retentive memory always. Please Pray that ill be able to balance and manage my time wisely. Please Pray that all people will be safer, healthier , will be stronger to face life's challenges, and will be closer to Papa God. Please Pray for world peace. Please Pray that my best friend will forgive me. May God bless all of you! Always say a Prayer and don't forget to Pray everytime.