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sometimes there are storms, and sometimes there is sunshine.

But through all of the seasons of life, God is with you. Whether you are rejoicing or fighting back tears, God wants to share the moment with you. Allow that to happen, give thanks in the good times, ask for help in the difficult times. Take a minute right now and tell God what's on your mind.

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Jo Ann
Jo Ann

Please pray for me that my better half and the man that I love has his heart & soul convicted by the Lord. Forgiveness for me from him should be bestowed. I have been lacking the love and attention greatly and he is a more versed Christian than myself, although I receive revelation & discernment, I tell him constantly, "GOD" is not impressed with all the scripture he can preach, but rather how he treats others, especially me, his lover, friend and truly the only one that has given, been there literally 24/7 for him, I have done completely without all of the things that a woman would expect from a relationship because he has no money at this time, but worldly possessions are not important to me. I just want GOD to make him realize all that I used to mean to him or for the Lord to give me the strength to heal my broken heart & walk away in peace & closure. Please pray that he lose his anger and call me to talk and either resolve his feelings &/or be a graceful man and give me the decency I do deserve to either heal our relationship in GOD's love, or move on. I love him.. I want him back. Please pray for us. I am 47, he will be 50 in several mos. We are not children. Blessed be to God & Thank you