Today we believe God wants us to know that ...

sometimes there are storms, and sometimes there is sunshine.

But through all of the seasons of life, God is with you. Whether you are rejoicing or fighting back tears, God wants to share the moment with you. Allow that to happen, give thanks in the good times, ask for help in the difficult times. Take a minute right now and tell God what's on your mind.

or for your personal Message from God.

Pray with Me Pray for others to make a difference. Ask others to pray for you!


Dear God,
Please make what seems impossible possible and I know you will decide what is right for me. Please here my need that is poisoning my body and mind with negative thoughts. Please unburden me financially make SSI Disability claim pass for me. Make me whole again have a friend come into my life that wants to be with me all the time. I miss my friends caring. I miss being held and loved. Please help someone walk into my life that will want to stay. Stay with me in my health and share my grief I need you I need someone by my side. Please Please. I have hardly anything left. I need someone who wants to be here for me. In your name I pray Jesus Amen.