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your prayers are being answered.

Prayers are not like shopping lists with items that can be ticked off. If you remember that a prayer is a conversation with God, you will see God respond every day.

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Please pray for my family. We've been tested so much lately, I still pray and thank God every night. My husband and I have worked our whole lives like billions of other people out there. In the past year we both lost our jobs due to completely disabling work injuries; what are the odds? Our income is so very little but I'm grateful for any. My husband has lost all faith, our oldest Daughter is estranged from us due to addiction and our youngest Daughter struggles working 2 jobs, putting herself through college in another state, still volunteering for the less fortunate. We are now losing our home and have nowhere to go. I cannot stop crying, please pray for us in Jesus' name, Amen. Thank you.