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your prayers are being answered.

Prayers are not like shopping lists with items that can be ticked off. If you remember that a prayer is a conversation with God, you will see God respond every day.

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First off I am so thankful that God never fails to love me even when I wonder where he is. I am going through quite a bit right now in my life and I need prayer for Gods guidance on how to handle a situation that I am having with one of my kids right now where I feel as though as long as I keep her happy all is fine if it means me being a rug for her to wipe her feet on she is grown and I just am so tired really tired I love my kids with every ounce of my being and that is all the family the Lord gave me so all my life that is how it has been and now I am just so worn out. Please pray that God will please show me where I can see what to do about this situation and the fact I don't have a job and about to become homeless which I feel as though that gives my daughter more leverage just please please pray. Thank you all for your prayers