Today we believe God wants us to know that ...

worshipping God is good for you.

In a world where there are many things competing for your devotion and worship, God is the only one that delivers and doesn't disappoint. Putting anything above God will ultimately let you down and leave you feeling empty. So sing praises, lift your hands in the air and give glory to God. It's good for you!

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Pray with Me Pray for others to make a difference. Ask others to pray for you!


well trying to be apart of all my children here in wpg,mb. needing help to talk with them as adult's and help me to get stronger for them my health is not that good right now i have a bad heart n hoping before i leave this world that all my children n grand children.THEY ARE MY EVERYTHING IN LIFE THAT MATTER'S TO ME N HOPING TO FIND LOVE AGAIN N BRINGING DOWN MY WALL'S TO TRUST AGAIN BEEN THROUGH HELL N BACK AGAIN SO THERE MUST BE A REASON WHY WE CAN'T ALL JUST PUT THE PAST BEHIND THEM N ME N I HAVE WHY CAN'T THEY DO THE SAME? THEY THINK IM RICH AND IM NOT N THEY TAKE N NEVER GIVE BACK WHEN I NEED HELP SO PLEASE PRAY FOR ME TO FIND THE RIGHT WAY TO MAKE THEM TRUST N TREAT ME MORE WITH LOVE N CARING NOT JUST FOR THEM BUT FOR MY GRAND BABY'S.<3