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worshipping God is good for you.

In a world where there are many things competing for your devotion and worship, God is the only one that delivers and doesn't disappoint. Putting anything above God will ultimately let you down and leave you feeling empty. So sing praises, lift your hands in the air and give glory to God. It's good for you!

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My best friend of 28 years is having some health problems. At first we found out that her mitral valve in her heart is not working. Then we found out that she had some bad teeth, and everyone knows if you have any kind of infection in your mouth they won't do heart surgery. Anyway, we finally found a heart surgeon whose wife was a dentist. they are both great people. So, here we are four or five months later, my friend had her dental work done and that's when we found out she has Morfan syndrome. That's why she's having so many problems health wise. An she is due for heart surgery in January, she scared and depressed. She's on 9 different medications and she's not doing as much as she did before she found out about her health problems. She said the other day that she wanted to die and just get it over with, That is not the person I grew up with, I know she is a lot stronger than she thinks she is I just don't know how to get her to see it. Her father passed away two years ago and ever since then the mood in the house has chaged. I know for a fact that her father would not want her feeling the way she does and saying stuff like "I just want to die and get it over with". That makes me angry when I hear that, because I know is is stronger than that and her dad would not want her thinking or saying stuff like that. So all I ask is for everyone who reads this to put my best friend L.Ann in your prayers, please. Let god show her she is strong enough to get through this, and dad is always wathing over her. An give her brother strength to handle all the emotional stuff. I pray that everyone gets well soon and that god watches over all of us. God Bless and Amen.