Today we believe God wants us to know that ...

truth always wins.

Doing right is never wrong. Being honest and trustworthy is the way to live. Perhaps a slight twist of the facts might bring a short term gain. A little misrepresentation might bring some short term satisfaction. But in the end truth always wins, so live like a winner.

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Jian Claire
Jian Claire

Kindly pray for me & for all my request to be granted... I know I'm not asking too much... But to be loved & be with the person I love most... & also please pray for me that I maybe able to continue praying & hoping that God will grant my hearts desires. for sometimes I felt that god is not answering my prayers & sometimes I lose faith & perseverance to pray for what I really want and continue to pursue what I really want because I lose courage along the way. God Bless!!! for all the prayers that I'll be receiving & I'm hoping that with the help of people who prayed for me God will grant the biggest miracle in my love life.