Today we believe God wants us to know that ...

sometimes you need to let go.

Yes, it hurts when the things or the people we love are taken from us. Make your peace with loss. Nothing lasts forever. Like the trees in autumn, you too must learn to shed your attachments and start afresh.

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My mother has been in the hospital almost 2 weeks now. She collapsed from dehydration and malnutrition, and it turns out she has diverticulitis (hadn't gone to the bathroom for almost a week) and renal failure. She was on temporary dialysis for awhile, but her blood pressure was dropping too much. So now she's in the Coronary Care ward of the Critical Care Unit, they are trying to raise her blood pressure. She may or may not have to go through more dialysis treatments, they're not sure yet, but she's very touch and go. Some days she seems like she'll bolt right up and walk out of the hospital on her own two feet, and other days she seems like I should be making funeral arrangements :( Please pray for her recovery, and that she allows God to work in her, rather than self-sabotaging herself like she has a tendency to do. Thank you, and God bless you all.