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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that God is crazy about you.

God sends you fresh flowers every spring, a breathtaking sunrise every morning. If God had a wallet, your picture would be in it. If God has a refrigerator, your childhood scribbles would be on it.

or for your personal Message from God.
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Let me tell y'all bout my God...

Almost 4 yrs ago...(January)...I was diagnosed with bladder cancer...I had just lost my Momma to Lung & brain cancer the year to hear those words about myself was particularly frightening...I was so afraid I was going to die that I made my friend promise me that she & her husband would look out for my husband, and my children and brother and grandbabies...none of them know that...just she & God had other plans for me...I just didn't know it...are y'all ready for this...I had not one chemo treatment, not one radiation treatment and I have absolutely no scar for THAT particular was all removed via surgery and not a scar to be seen from was then that I realized just how ...

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Please put pray for my grandson Jaden. He had surgery and now has short term memory loss and outbreaks of uncontrollable crying. Please pray that his mind is restored back to normal.

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"Belive" is the majic word!!!!.

When I gave my life to Jesus I learned that he takes care of everything. I don't worry any more like I use to... he does everything for me! when I use to worry about anything some how he answered me, if I worried about food for example next thing I knew someone would knock on my door with food.... so I learned not to worry but love him greatly! and so like I said I left everything in his hands cause I believed in him. and still do till the day he calls me home. Amen....

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What I know how to do is to kill the love that somebody fells for me (serious). Now I am in love wirh the dificult of debts need of money bussines etc.
I don't know what to do in love mater, I feel me a potato, and I feel that what do is end the love that René have me , I ask the Holy Spirit to guide me and help me, and that everythin...

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My Recovery

With intensive treatment and excellent doctors, I have recently emerged from a state of clinical depression that had lasted for more than twenty years. I lost all my material possessions, my means of income, and also the custody of my children due to this debilitating illness. Prayers and Faith and Support from loved ones contributed greatly to my success, but God alone saved me. Don't ever give up on yourself or your future. Believe in God and yourself and your faith with manifest your hopes into reality. The angels and the saints are with us always.

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Lord thank you for your blessings, please help me tomorrow at my job not have panic or anxiety, and my daughter is in crisis. Please bless my family with safety, good health and safe travels. May our Lord bless you and hear and answer your prayers.

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Miracle baby

When I was a newborn I was born with a heart tumor meaning my heart was to big for my body the doctors said I wasn't gonna make it ,the doctors said I needed to have surgery so they flew me in an airplane to the best surgeon except the doctor who operated me had only one hand but he was known for the best and my parents trusted him he saved my life he did I now have a scar on the side of my stomach and every day I tell God I'm greatful for giving me another day.