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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that sometimes there are storms, and sometimes there is sunshine.

But through all of the seasons of life, God is with you. Whether you are rejoicing or fighting back tears, God wants to share the moment with you. Allow that to happen, give thanks in the good times, ask for help in the difficult times. Take a minute right now and tell God what's on your mind.

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Sign from an Angel

My Mom Died Oct 21 2016, with in 9 months I lost her, My step dad and brother. Very bad time for us all. I use to ask for signs from my mom and brother so usually it was blow out a bathroom light since there are 5 and I would still have light or blow a fuse etc. I did get signs often when asked. Well On October 19th I was saying my prayers and I started crying missing my mom and brother and dad. So cried and talked to them. I usually ask for a sign for them to give me to know they are close even which helps me feel better. I said you haven't done anything for quite a while ....

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Lord I donno what to do Lord please things got more worst today..donno why he is matter how much I change myself things are getting worst...please Lord help him understand me... Please help me understand him.

Donno why he thinks about me like that...donno how should I cjmhey behaviour...please Lord...please be with him.

He needs u more than me..please Lord.
Bless my sunil.

I had so many plans with him..donno why he...

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i went to medjugorie june 2015 not expecting anything but always want to go there for years but for someother reason had no monies family problems etc ,but got there 18 june 2015 , and what i witnessed behold me ,yes there are miracles yes god exist i had an apparition in the cemetry there, i never felt peace like it before in my life that i had there . there was lots of things happened there all good but i cannot explain , may godbless everyone hope you all can go there someday , and feel what i experie...

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Today, Nkurunziza, we believe God wants you to know that if you're feeling in a slump, allow the winds of change to blow through your life.

Life is a learning process, and changes can be wonderful opportunities for growth. Don't be afraid of change! Embrace it and grow!

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My daughter

My daughter Camille Rose was very sick. She spent many days in the hospital in a coma. One evening I prayed over her telling God to take her. I told him not to keep her here on earth for me. I later went into the ICU lobby where I slept on the floor. I laid down to rest. A few minutes later I heard my son in law crying out "MOM", "MOM!" I knew she had passed. Everyone in the lobby knew my situation woke up expecting the worse. I answered Trevor. He says "DO YOU W...

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S.O.S. My friend Paolo works with a manipulator a jackal, is called Carlos, he has noticed that I have a debt with Paolo and I appreciate him and paid him and support him and has decided to manipulate Paolo and share that money when Paolo and his dad are the ones who need it (that money and more) and Carlos isolated him from his dad takes the money and his dad spends more escaseses Paolo...