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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that sometimes there are storms, and sometimes there is sunshine.

But through all of the seasons of life, God is with you. Whether you are rejoicing or fighting back tears, God wants to share the moment with you. Allow that to happen, give thanks in the good times, ask for help in the difficult times. Take a minute right now and tell God what's on your mind.

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Yvette May

With God, all things are possible.

Today, I passed my teaching demo. There's still a long way to go (testing and interview) but I'm thankful that I was able to get this far, and I know I can go further with God. I may have my worries and doubts about what I can do but God always supplements what I lack, and with Him all things are possible.

Thank you God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, angels, and saints, especially St. Therese, St. Jude, St. Clare, and St. Pio.

To God be the glory!

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God Listens. We are in the process of selling our CA home to move to TX. Today we are in TX for work and took time to check out the home we want to buy. Before we went to the showing I sat down and prayed to God to put this in his hands. That I had faith that all things will work out and not to worry. The hitch to getting our new home is to sell our current home. That is a lot of things that must fall in place and to add to that we will be ...

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A Church Property Custodian

As I have these position God has helped me to become more mature to served in this ministry, I have become close to him as I take care the property of the church, he made me more faithful as sometimes and always become his servant through serving my fellow worshipers to do his command for visitation, service in the wake ups of some christians together with my resident pastors, chief deaconess and my fellow women. I praise God for being with me always as I walked in my daily endeavor.

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Lord give the wisdom and guidance to choose which job I should take. I don't know which one is the one you have chosen or prepare for me. I can't make up my mind, I am so afraid I choose the wrong one. Please give me a sign, let my heart at peace when I pick the right one and shut out the one that is not your plan.

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Answered prayer

God answered my prayers. He made a way for me at the period I was almost giving up. I was almost locked out on my last semester because of fees. Today, I managed to raise all the money required not because I had it, but the money just came in a mysterious way. I managed to do all that was required and am now able to progress with my studies. I had dared God yesterday to prove that miracles exist and He did it. I believe that God's way are not our ways, our role is to trust in H...

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Lord, please grant me completion in all aspects of my life. I ask that you please bring the dreams I had in November to fruition, please complete me, heal me and let me reach all my goals and dreams. Bless the woman who is to be my wife and allow us to find ourselves again. Do not abandon the work you started. I pray to the lord

Myung Wha