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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that your prayers are being answered.

Prayers are not like shopping lists with items that can be ticked off. If you remember that a prayer is a conversation with God, you will see God respond every day.

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Blessed with faith

I was raised a christian.My Mom taught us about God and Jesus from the moment she gave birth to us.Christenings,Sunday school,choir,plays,children church programs,church camp,baptism and she was right there participating with us.Then we had to move .Things happened with the family and my dads work.We were no where by a church.I was starving for the participation .My Mom was not available to take us for she was having to work.We were living in the country about 5 miles outside of the closest town. In the middle of corn and bean fields. I had seen a church one day when we were in the car.One Sunday morning I woke up early and went to the railroad tracks that ran through the fields behind our house.I walked ...

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God is so good. I was reading over prayers I've written on this and he has taken such good care of me and blessed my entire household. I love you Jesus! Thank you!

I have an unspoken prayer request for healing! Our Lord knows all about it.

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He`s always been with me sense I have been young ,and has showed me a lot and helped me understand more then most could ever imagine..

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My Lord and Mama Mary, thank you for all the blessings and trials. Please forgive us. Please heal my grandson , lance of his asthma attack and my granddaughter , april .Help them feel well. Please heal my grandson francis of his emotional problems.Please hear all the prayers of those in need. Thank you ,Lord and Mama Mary.

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Can you use ~"this"~?

My mother died on 10/29/2006. The next night my wife was sitting down in the den and I was up in the kitchen when she yelled up the stairs at me, "Where's this smell coming from?" I yelled back down at her, "What smell? What does it smell like?" She answered, "Perfume! There's the very strong smell of perfume down here, where's it coming from?" Then she began hollering, "Hurry up and come down here so you can smell it before it’s gone!!" It took me 10 or 20 seconds to stop what I was doing in the kitchen. But I got it all put down and walked downstairs and walked over to where she was sitting on the couch. I took a BIG whiff ...

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Mary Ann

Please pray for my daughter who is in need of a job. She is a hard worker with a big heart !! She worked at a payroll job FT for a year where she basically put up with a lot of bs. and discrimination went to school FT after work at night for Medical Assistant and did this straight for a year. Had to give notice to employer to do her externship to work for ...

Mary Ann