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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that love has already found you.

So much time has been spent trying to make yourself lovable. Trying to make yourself more attractive, more interesting. But love has already found you, perfect and pure love. Rest assured that God loves you just the way you are.

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Let me tell y'all bout my God...

Almost 4 yrs ago...(January)...I was diagnosed with bladder cancer...I had just lost my Momma to Lung & brain cancer the year to hear those words about myself was particularly frightening...I was so afraid I was going to die that I made my friend promise me that she & her husband would look out for my husband, and my children and brother and grandbabies...none of them know that...just she & God had other plans for me...I just didn't know it...are y'all ready for this...I had not one chemo treatment, not one radiation treatment and I have absolutely no scar for THAT particular was all removed via surgery and not a scar to be seen from was then that I realized just how ...

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Lord thank you for your blessings, please help me tomorrow at my job not have panic or anxiety, and my daughter is in crisis. Please bless my family with safety, good health and safe travels. May our Lord bless you and hear and answer your prayers.

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Miracles Happen Every Day!

I am almost 64 years old and have lived in California for all my life.
I have watched things change around me and lately I see people struggling to get bye..A lack of respect from people and those who would subvert American society. We have terrorism, created racism by a government that ignores it's people's urgent problems. Instead Secular progressive social order, A military that is a now a social services organization and corruption in the D.O.J. F.B.I. and most all other Federal agencies with blatant collusion. Yet, I believe and TRUST IN GOD! “What a joyous mystery is you...

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God blessing our family born a child. Thanks you for attention.

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Miracle baby

When I was a newborn I was born with a heart tumor meaning my heart was to big for my body the doctors said I wasn't gonna make it ,the doctors said I needed to have surgery so they flew me in an airplane to the best surgeon except the doctor who operated me had only one hand but he was known for the best and my parents trusted him he saved my life he did I now have a scar on the side of my stomach and every day I tell God I'm greatful for giving me another day.

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I met a nice Catholic lady recently and her name is Suzanne and I truly believe she is my true love and I pray that she feels the same about me. There is a reason why I was introduced to her and there is a reason why Suzanne was introduced to me. Heavenly Father please let her be the one. Thank you. Heavenly Father please give me a sign.🙏