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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that when you need a break, - take a break.

You will often find that the world does not crumble when you are resting. Others will move in to take care of those details that you think cannot be done without you.

or for your personal Message from God.
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Prayer answered

My apartment manager told me yesterday they are going to raise the rent . I do not have a lease and had to move the end of June.
I did not know where I was going to move.
Today 5/28/16 God answered my prayer.
I am going to move in with my friends Aunt July 1 st/
I am moving out of a studio 350 sq ft into a 2 bedroom house.
I will have my own room and a living room and paying less.
praise God.

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I am asking for prayer for my upcoming trip to the United Kingdom. I believe that God is sending me there for a reason, that I have no clue of. I pray and ask you to join with me in this prayer, that His will be done during the trip. That I may have discernment and the heart to hear what it is that the Holy Spirit leads me to do. Than You

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Changing Lives

Please help us fundraise an Embassy of Curves fashion show for we have more than weight but our submission to our Curves!

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Pray that the world Today we believe God wants us to know that difficult people are very important, - they teach you tolerance and acceptance.

If all was going your way all the time, you would become a spoiled child, wouldn't everyone? Difficult people are just one of the ways God teaches us to expand beyond our egos and accept other perspectives on life.

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I am alive

My story is very simple and it is that I have reach to the understanding and depth of human creation. I have accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and it has propelled to higher heights and it has motivated to move on in life with the hope and expectation of eternal life with my master. Knowing Christ as your Lord as Savior is the only motivation you need. If all of us who love Christ express his love to one another we will see more inspiring story on this site.

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Pray that the world w that you are not alone.

Our own fears and insecurities can make us feel that we are beyond help, beyond hope. Know that there is no place that far and that God is always with you.

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