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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that when you need a break, - take a break.

You will often find that the world does not crumble when you are resting. Others will move in to take care of those details that you think cannot be done without you.

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listening to the voice!

God had back and I didn't even know it. my faith was changed on this day.
I worked 2nd shift in a nursing home in my town. I drove an old beat up van (nicknamed the war mobile) . I was constantly putting money into it just to keep it running, until I could afford something else.
One evening as I was leaving work, I turned the corner in the parking lot and felt a slight bump. Not paying attention I just kept on going thinking it was just another fix it thing on the van.
I was getting ready to turn onto a road that would take me out of the parking lot. There are several ways to getting home ... on...

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Dear lord am asking for a help lord...please help me to handle this situation...please lord give me strength...please help me tackle him in a nice way...lord please help me come over thus situation...please make Sunil smile us lord...bless me and Sunil lord...please help me lord ..

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4-D Man

I know this story will be hard to believe. The Bible says with God, all things are possible. Me and my wife was going to visit her parents. The road was narrow, long, and twisted. As we went around a stiff right-turning curve, an eighteen-wheeler coal truck came right at us! Knowing we we're about to have a head-on collision, my wife and I covered out faces with our crossed arms. When time passed and there wasn't a crash, I lowered my arms. We were safely on the other side of the curve, the car was slowly leaving the right ...

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Please pray for me. I betrayed my mother. I was wrong, and am very sorry. Many thanks. God Bless All.

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Proud Daughter

So today my daughter showed me a college paper she wrote about me, my past, and my present. The in between had me in tears. I see her hurt and I see her forgiveness, and I see her love for me. One can not imagine unless you been in my shoes, I am an addict who recovers daily for the past 9 plus years. It isn't easy or been, but is allot easier than it was. I am happy to say I get to enjoy her and my sons. They are all grown and now and with families of their own, which I play one of the biggest roles ever to them, not only called mom, but grandma. I get to share my new life ...

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Dear, Lord. I can't calm down because why am I being followed and hatred for no reason!?! Can you tell me that!?! Lord, help me to stop the crazy ness being going on everyday and I have enough with it and their fake crazier act in front of me! Lord, they are using someone as a hostage for NO REASON!?! I hate it when it happens everyday, No why or nothing? There is must be ...

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My husband was sick for a very long time ..He had kidney failure ..25 years together we loved and was there for each other..A normal day he did all what he want to do then he fell in the bathroom he was taken to the hospital.. In a few hours God called him home....At that moment my world was shattered .. I dropped to my knees and screamed and cried the nurse ask can I call someone for you what can I do?? I called family but, before they got there ..I cried to God and at that moment such a Inner peace came over me to let me know that my husband was ok and that I...