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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that every little thing is a miracle.

Miracles do not come with bright lights and fancy stages. Those belong in a magic show. If you want a miracle, you can see it everywhere - in dew drops, in waves, and of course in yourself.

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A Corporation of Angels

If you like inspirational fiction, you will enjoy this story of angels working among human beings as they keep Lucifer's minions at bay.. Please check out my website at:

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Dear, Lord. YES!!! Forgiveness is actually works! The evil spirits is not trying because they are being negativity and needs to stop because their demon and karma sucks now!!! I hope everything what are they doing goes away and don't TELL me what to do which my life, college and career. You named it! I don't want to be jealous or hatred person because no one wants me. I can careless!!! I rather show respect ...

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The Cardinal...

When Grandma was leaving this world I know she was scared of the unknown. I prayed over her to show me what was beyond this world and to let me know she was ok. She loved Robins and always said if I come back I want to be a robin they are so beautiful. When she passed the florists had no robins but they had a cardinal to put into the flower arrangement. A few days after the service my kids and I went to the place she was laid to rest and in the middle of all the flowers was the cardinal from the floral arrangement. I said to my kids pick it up and lets take it home. Since then the whole famil...

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I am sending a joyful shout out on here. My brother had cirrhosis and Hepatitis C, God and 6 weeks of oral chemotherapy cured his liver. The doctor said she has never seen this happen, she is astounded! I am thrilled and keep crying happy tears! THANK YOU

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The guilt I've been carrying

The guilt I've carrying for the past 18 months vanished and all it took for it to go away was a hug.

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Dear Lord God, Please help me find the right company for me. I hope they will accept me as soon as possible. :( our OJT will start soon. please Lord God help me :( give me courage, knowledge, and confidence. Amen

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Worrying is Useless..God is in control

my story is not simple as it is, what i go through in my life is difficult. But if you have Jesus in you no matter what problems you are facing no matter how hard it was it will vanish. Jesus promise us he will never leave us and forsake us. keep the faith and always pray and talk to Jesus where ever you are, and the Holy Spirit will be with you as well. God loves us so much! we are precious to him special.

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Please pray for my partner to draw His strength from God, and also have the courage to stand up for himself, to be emotionally blackmailed by other people so he can come home soon. We love each other so deeply but he has been away from home for almost 2 months to fix something at his parents place. Please pray for us to get through this problem together and come out stronger as a couple.