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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that worshipping God is good for you.

In a world where there are many things competing for your devotion and worship, God is the only one that delivers and doesn't disappoint. Putting anything above God will ultimately let you down and leave you feeling empty. So sing praises, lift your hands in the air and give glory to God. It's good for you!

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I took myself for granted.

I was 34 jan 27 2016 All my teenage and young man days i didnt take care of myself to say the least. I ate like crap stressed out all the time. I drank like a fish and other things. I took alot of things for granted family job relationships freedom but never thought of the damage to myself. I died on jan 27 while i was watching my one year old. i got off one call 911 before i went out. I woke up 5 days later. I couldnt do nothing but lay ther...

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broken, faith questioned why do good people suffer - what was the meaning of taking the light of our lives away: a innocent 7 month old puppy who came to bring life and spark back to his 12 yr old sisters life and such joy, energy and hope to ours when everything and everyone literally turned their backs on us; wishing we would die ; speaking out of bitterness or anger or whatever - that ...

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Jesus is my savior

I am blessed to have Jesus as my Savior. He has been calling me for my whole life but it wasn't until this past Easter Sunday that I came to believe. I joined Water's church in North Attleboro MA shortly after Easter this year and my life has a new meaning. My fear, anxiety and shortcomings are removed. It is only when I ask Jesus to please remove them, on a daily basis, that I feel the Holy Spirit in my soul. I have struggled my entire life and have been my worst enemy. Jesus was there for me even ...

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Dear all, I am here again requesting for prayers for me and my family. My husband has a new job and on Sunday last has hurt his knee n is home, I am worried about his new job and the income since I don't work. I am facing problems with him since he is eating way too much, becoming dominating day after day, n I feel frustrated having him home. Please pray that h...

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Dying to meet God

They told me I would be dead in 2 weeks, on August 15th. It's now August 30th and I'm still alive. Afraid? No. Why? Because God is in my heart and soul, assuring me that everything will be just fine. As long as you Believe. BElieve.

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thank you lord for the blessing you've given to us always take our family my relatives my sister and most most especially my husband and now is on board my daughter to find her a new job and my son to take her study hard i know you'll always be there for us lord pls grant our all wishes coming from us and help us for all our needs most especially our financial assistance thank...