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Today we believe God wants us to know that worshipping God is good for you.

In a world where there are many things competing for your devotion and worship, God is the only one that delivers and doesn't disappoint. Putting anything above God will ultimately let you down and leave you feeling empty. So sing praises, lift your hands in the air and give glory to God. It's good for you!

or for your personal Message from God.
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Time and Faith in Jesus

Every time I went to church service, I always adore and praise worship team because they have an amazing beautiful voice to worship Jesus, and how I wish I could join and get along to worship God like they do… but I tell myself, how can I worship God and be among them while I do not have the voice to sing and I don’t even know how to start? For me looking at them is like their first class singers… I used to sing but just singing for myself… However I keep on telling myself that someday time will come that I will be in a worship team…(realizing, here’s go my faith in believing) so there’s one time I attended a prayer meeting and...

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Please pray for my son and during this difficult holiday season

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There are times that you dont have any money left but still you need to pay bills etch., so what i just do is to talk & pray to our lord jesus to please provide me financial assistance so that i will be relieve with my worries,stress, pressures & i always say to him that small or big amount will do , but you know somehow & somewhere i just dont realize everything is alright, he provides, God provides, he is good & im very thankful to him for everything..... but sometimes tears is in my eyes cause of joy...

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I need prayer bad today i yelled at my daughter cussed and threw a fit because everything seems to be falling apart at my house and the money is going out the window and im losing it. too many problems. almost $2000 gone in one week and needing badly to sell a dog to recoupe some back. I need a husband so bad it hurts pray dailey for mate please pray for me to ha...

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God is able

Holding to God's unchanging hand what kept me strong through sickness I have written a book not publish yet A CHARGE TO KEEP A GOD TO GLORIFY, GOD BLESS YOU ALL ON TODAY

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I will open the bible tonigth and I need a message from Jesus

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Ups and Downs

I have a form of Down Syndrome which is a Mental Retardation syndrome, So I don't have to feel ashamed of who I am ? That God created me. When I was growing up ? I was mocked by bullies and I was tired of all the drama. I was sick of it. I believe the Spirit of Christ has intervene so I can live by his words to overcome the world with good. I am blessed in his ways to be more and more like him.

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please pray for me i need your prayer through my problem im trap in yes n no im a sinner