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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that you will be rewarded for your kindness.

When you are kind to someone, you set in motion a chain of events that makes each life it touches a little bit better. One by one, that act of kindness is paid forward ... till one day it comes back to you multiplied.

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Life as a girl with spina bifida

When I was born not long after I was reported born with birth effect disease known as Spina Bifida and the doctor told my mother these very heart breaking things," your child will never walk, talk or ever be able to go too school like everyone else. Your child might died by age of three." I spent the first year of life in hospital when I was only few weeks I started be discovered I was born with seizure disorder as well do to me and massive spot found on x-ray. Before age one my first words were Eddie repeatedly I surprise and shocked my mother by eventually learning how to talk. By age one in half during playtime with my cousin and ...

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I ask for prayers to guide me in making some difficult decisions. I feel like I am at a stand-still - the 'fork in the road,' and I need some clarity as to which path to take in multiple areas of my life. I think I need a 'divine intervention' because certain decisions feel beyond my capabilities. Thank you so much!

Gideon Lizwe
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A man like Job

A man like Job

My father came from a poor family who lives in the province. He is the 2nd child among the 5 children of his parents. He is very close with his siblings. He went to the city to pursue his studies and work at the same time there he met my mother whom he married. They got 3 kids (including me at the middle) he wasn't able to finished his studies but then he focused on his job and to his family. My father's two brothers followed him in the city and live also nearby to us where they also found a job and built their own family. We live in the city where my mother's family also lives. Everybody in o...

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Hi good people! I would love it if you'd say a prayer for my family and me. We are hoping that our situation makes a turn for the better- I know that things happen for a reason. Please keep us in your thoughts and I'll do the same for you!

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My 9 kids

Recently my 9 kids got taken away! You can find out more information at lacasadelosfuentes! That is my page on Facebook. Anyways after not being able to see them, I got good news that I get to visit with half of them next Thursday! But i really miss them a lot! I just hope that I get to see the other half of them next week!

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Thank You dear People I love for you to Pray that my cancerous breast tumor shrinks so that I can get my lumpectomy and the operation wont affect my damaged heart...
thank you all so much..