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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that truth always wins.

Doing right is never wrong. Being honest and trustworthy is the way to live. Perhaps a slight twist of the facts might bring a short term gain. A little misrepresentation might bring some short term satisfaction. But in the end truth always wins, so live like a winner.

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I never new why...

I never knew why,,i was an alcoholic and an abuser,,,,abut,to think of it,,,that's what i saw at home...I thought that was the way of being a parent...Not until,i went to counseling,,did i know why,,i became an alcoholic...I was so severely abused,by my so called family.alcohol,,was their god,,along with sexual abuse,,satanist...they had worship satan...Went i was growing up,,,I desparately wanted to hide my shame...Shame of being that family...I drank to kill the pain,,,at 11 years old,,i was already an alcoholic...But,i kept on drinking,,,,Jus to ease the pain...But, it was getting worst..I didn't drink when i was having my babies...But,little,did i know,,,my kiddies,,were being sexually abused by my family..Oh,,the shame ,,,was so ashaming...I couldn't stand it..One nite,,I wanted to end it all...I had blamed god for ...

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Ok Dear Lord - I am ready for phase 2 - No more looking back at a relationship that wasn't meant to be. To continue to find the career solution that I am seeking - not sure which direction - prayers for guidance. I don't want to jump into something and I don't want to stand still - I wait for Your guidance to know - please send the Angels to help. Amen. To conti...

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Life with a disability

I have spinabifida I was born with it because the government used a chemical called agent Orange it is a defoliant that they used to kill the plant's so the Vietnamese couldn't hide it the tree's. I have a lot of problem's with my body it's hard for me to keep myself well I get sick a lot and I'm in a facility right now because I have a big hole in my rear end it's called a pressure ulcer I've been in the hospital for three month's. I'm strong though I have to be because there are people...

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Prayers for my health
im having blood drawning tomorrow and i want everything to come out good and not bad thanks all

Myung Wha
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Faith Will Move This Mountain!

I'm speaking (and writing) my miracle(s) bc I know it's on its way! It's taken me years to build my faith and understand God sends what we need when it's the perfect time.
Thank you Lord for loving me in spite of who I've been before!
Thank you for healing ian's(he's my son) ear so that no surgery will be required!
Thank you for helping Ireland to lose weight so that she'll be happy and healthy and enjoy her life!
Thank you for removing the stress of debt that took such a hold on our life!
Thank you f...

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Dear, lord. I always love god!! The lord should not be sad. I will always worshipped him until this issues with terror and demon going will be done. Things pop now between Islam and Buddha. I have been saying that for months. Buddha and Islam are evil! I forgive the ones who been yelling and they need to learn how to forgive too instead aiming at one person because the most beautiful one? That how ...

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Changing Lives

Please help us fundraise an Embassy of Curves fashion show for we have more than weight but our submission to our Curves!

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I pray for help with losing weight, for my blood pressure to come down, to heal all that is ill in my body and mind.

I pray for help guiding me to the right job that can bring the happiness I have been seeking - I pray that I can afford to take this job if it appears.

I feel I have been pulling away from my life but I see I am b...