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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that truth always wins.

Doing right is never wrong. Being honest and trustworthy is the way to live. Perhaps a slight twist of the facts might bring a short term gain. A little misrepresentation might bring some short term satisfaction. But in the end truth always wins, so live like a winner.

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The Boy who Heard God Speak

My self esteem was getting poor and I was struggling in my Christian life. Then, the biggest shock came one morning as I went to walk my lovely Colly cross dog, Rocky. I took him to the local recreation ground where I meet up with some friends who also have dogs. They asked me how I was and I said I felt a bit giddy. I walked Rocky home, nearly fell over when I crossed the main road and began to feel very ill. I thought I was going to die as I was constantly sick and had lost my balance completely. I was like a spider with broken legs, I couldn’t even crawl. The doctor came and said she thought I had had a...

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I feel like I've let God down. I want to be a better Christian. I'm not sure how to do it. I worry that he's angry with me. I worry that I'm not good enough. I pray that God will forgive me for my sins and help me be a better Christian with each and every passing day. I pray that God will have mercy on my soul. God, I ask you to heal my body, watch over my family and heal them, and keep them safe in your love. I pray that the people in the world will turn ...

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God's Angels

It pays to listen to your mom when she says take a nap. Well I didn't listen to mine, because there were new swings put in at the park down the street. Now I was the baby of 3 girls and I was 5 years old at the time. I was told to take a nap, but while everyone was sleeping I got up and went out my bedroom window and walk up the street to the park. I was so excited to be getting on those new swings. That was awesome until I went so high that the chains did the snapping thing and I flew out landing on my neck. When I came too this beautiful lady said get up and go home ...

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Thank God the tags for my car vehicle finally came in today. Also thank God we had a safe trip and mom's surgery went very, very well. Please pray about my inspection sticker I have to get it renewed this weekend or early next week as well. It was very difficult though mom and especially my sister did test my patience many times sad to say. Please continue to pray for my "Forever First Lov...

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Ad Maioren Dei Gloriam

Who am I that You Maintain? Who am I that You noticed? Oh the Almighty God ....

In the long heavy and struggle live ...
only to God we could placed of refuge and rely
A mother's heart was cried when her daughter got a good chance, but I could not able to support her financially ...
The day of departure draws near, I was helpless, my heart is screaming and crying ... but I keep encouraging my daughter, that we have the Most Kind and Most Rich God, who will not shut out His Eyes from our difficulties ... I just asked my daughter to keep in faith, real faith in life is a living faith.,. we believe when God has begun ...

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Please pray that God will heal my shoulder and arm.. I'm in so much pain and my doctor does know what's causing it .. and the soonest appointment I could get to see a specialist is Sept 30th Thank you, Robin

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The Miraculous Rain

We came for a visit to my father and mother in law who lived in Naples, Italy, south of Rome.
I heard about the drought, that had been for the last six months, and that the farmers where devastated over there crops.
I sat in the bathroom and felt so sad for these farmers, so I prayed to God for rain for them and their crops.
Later the same day, we attended mess in the local Church.
While the mess was underway, there came a loud noise from a lightning that lit for a second on the domes Church.

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I need prayer that I will love Olivia M. unconditionally just like Christ loves the Church. I pray that I will love Olivia M. just as if she is a perfect person (after all she is a perfect person in Christ). I pray that I will see Olivia M. through the eyes of the love of Christ, and love covers over a multitude of sins and does not see flaws. I pray that I will ...