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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that gratitude is good.

The more you are thankful for, the more you will have to be thankful for. God responds to a grateful heart with joy.

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The other side of lifestyle

For years I was a functioning addict and like many others did NOT admit it or perhaps did not know that I was one and one substance led to another and finally I ended up homeless and on crack for too many years, going through a number of situations dumpster-diving and all, no matter what when anyone would ask me about my addiction my answer was ("if God cant help me then I cant be helped), and I truly believe that what I said had a lot to do with him choosing me out of all the addicts around me, he ...

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Thanks to all those who took their time to pray for me on Friday.ME AND MY FAMILY WERE IN URGENT NEED OF A house to rent after having been let down by an estate agent and we have now got a beautiful house in a good neighborhood.May God fill the house with peace,love joy and happiness and praying that our next move would be to our own place.

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My husband was sick for a very long time ..He had kidney failure ..25 years together we loved and was there for each other..A normal day he did all what he want to do then he fell in the bathroom he was taken to the hospital.. In a few hours God called him home....At that moment my world was shattered .. I dropped to my knees and screamed and cried the nurse ask can I call someone for you what can I do?? I called family but, before they got there ..I cried to God and at that moment such a Inner peace came over me to let me know that my husband was ok and that I...

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Could everyone pray for me?
I am so stressed out.

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4-D Man

I know this story will be hard to believe. The Bible says with God, all things are possible. Me and my wife was going to visit her parents. The road was narrow, long, and twisted. As we went around a stiff right-turning curve, an eighteen-wheeler coal truck came right at us! Knowing we we're about to have a head-on collision, my wife and I covered out faces with our crossed arms. When time passed and there wasn't a crash, I lowered my arms. We were safely on the other side of the curve, the car was slowly leaving the right ...

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lord i know and you know what happened my life the situation lord help me and my kids guide all the time and do responsible person my sons and daughter all the time lord help my husband give him a contented mind contented for her family for my relationship all the time far from the person who give trouble in my family give him a light for his mind and also me lord give me more strength lakas ng loob give me more talent how to descipline my son and daughter and give contented my kids her minds and ...