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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that gratitude is good.

The more you are thankful for, the more you will have to be thankful for. God responds to a grateful heart with joy.

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A Fresh Start , Delivered from Addiction

38 years old and an Executive in marketing (National Director of marketing) for a manufacturing firm in Florida - I had slowly slipped into a lifestyle of regular drinking, cheating on my wife and lying to my family to protect my secrets! Had a Beautiful home, making good money but couldn't look into the mirror and live with myself! I turned on the TV on the night that I had planned on taking my life in disgust and self loathing and heard a man say "Jesus has a new life for you , you only need to ask" say this prayer! So rather than kill myself I said the prayer - "Lord, ...

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Joseph Renzo

Lord I've been through a lot lately, done a lot of awful things. Committed sins . I know I don't deserve to pray for these things but right now I really need a peace in my heart. Lord help me get through this , you have already given me a second chance to get things right but i have failed you. Right now I don't where my life is going, I am surrendering it now ...

Joseph Renzo
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And inspiring Story that got me scare

Well one day this week while i was at work and customer came though my line and touch my forehead. And said that the Lord heard my Prayer and what i was praying for is done. And that i have Angels around me and Angels are around my Boys and when i drive they are right there too. Number one how did this women know that i had 2 sons. And i never saw this women in my life before then she said Angles comes in different shapes, sizes and forms. Then she said keep having Faith!!!!!!! And she also said that GOD said that he want me to say Thank U!!!! And that my prayer were answer so stop worrying i can be at...

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living in homeless shelter need housing pray that I go from num 12 on wait list to 1 also pray tho who need housing will get it

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I requested a prayer for my family a week ago.My dad went back to the doctor yesterday and the results came out good.He is recovering well..The doctor even mentioned that he was relieved cause he was in a bad shape last week.PRAISE GOD.THANK YOU SAINTS FOR YOUR VALUED PRAYERS.IT IS A MIRACLE INDEED THAT HE IS A LOT BETTER AND FEELS SO TOO.

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Lord, please help me open my mind and heart to understand everything that happens around me. May You also help me in my studies Lord. Give me strength and courage to face all the challenges that will come my way. I trust You Lord God. I love you. Amen.