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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that sometimes you need to let go.

Yes, it hurts when the things or the people we love are taken from us. Make your peace with loss. Nothing lasts forever. Like the trees in autumn, you too must learn to shed your attachments and start afresh.

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The other side of lifestyle

For years I was a functioning addict and like many others did NOT admit it or perhaps did not know that I was one and one substance led to another and finally I ended up homeless and on crack for too many years, going through a number of situations dumpster-diving and all, no matter what when anyone would ask me about my addiction my answer was ("if God cant help me then I cant be helped), and I truly believe that what I said had a lot to do with him choosing me out of all the addicts around me, he ...

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airfares for travel r so high n my son had to get a pass to get home this week.Please pray for Heavenly Father to make a seat available for him on today's flight,if it be God's will that he should go home today.God bless all who pray for me.

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4-D Man

I know this story will be hard to believe. The Bible says with God, all things are possible. Me and my wife was going to visit her parents. The road was narrow, long, and twisted. As we went around a stiff right-turning curve, an eighteen-wheeler coal truck came right at us! Knowing we we're about to have a head-on collision, my wife and I covered out faces with our crossed arms. When time passed and there wasn't a crash, I lowered my arms. We were safely on the other side of the curve, the car was slowly leaving the right ...

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Asking that people pray for me and my family. That my husband stops getting blamed for things that are going on around or building we live in by the board of director and the persistent of the board. God please bless our family and make it stop them from blaming him and get on with signing the contract with my husband work so he can keep working here and that we still have a place ...

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My husband was sick for a very long time ..He had kidney failure ..25 years together we loved and was there for each other..A normal day he did all what he want to do then he fell in the bathroom he was taken to the hospital.. In a few hours God called him home....At that moment my world was shattered .. I dropped to my knees and screamed and cried the nurse ask can I call someone for you what can I do?? I called family but, before they got there ..I cried to God and at that moment such a Inner peace came over me to let me know that my husband was ok and that I...

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Spencer Morris for health and healing.

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Proud Daughter

So today my daughter showed me a college paper she wrote about me, my past, and my present. The in between had me in tears. I see her hurt and I see her forgiveness, and I see her love for me. One can not imagine unless you been in my shoes, I am an addict who recovers daily for the past 9 plus years. It isn't easy or been, but is allot easier than it was. I am happy to say I get to enjoy her and my sons. They are all grown and now and with families of their own, which I play one of the biggest roles ever to them, not only called mom, but grandma. I get to share my new life ...

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Lord...thank you for everything that u hve given me . Lord...thank you for giving so much love to give to him. Nd forgive them...lord please let Sunil understand what my love is all about...lord please open his eyes and his heart and make him accept me...lord thank you for showing me an unknown truth and the person behind everything of my situation... Lord please forgive them..lord my love is true and pure towards him..lord please make him understand it and stop him from doing any mistake. Lord I waited for long years and am still waiting lord... please let th...