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lord, i pray for you to heal mu husbands ways of drinking and smokin ciggerettes..thier a harm to him and a waste of money..we got 2 kids and one on the way..we cant afford it...pray for his attitude and anger and bring him closer to you lord..use him in r way, use all of us!..bring us closer lord as a family of christ, make him humble and bless him with a better job, were behind on rent and bills,and i can only put it in yr hands god!..we need you..i love you so much god, yr my everything..bring my husband with me to church everytime i go..use us in the church god..and pray for my 4 year old and her attitude and listening us to raise our children right lord and to love you always..please help us lord..we need yr guidence...thank you for everything..we love you god!