Prayer Request

Thank You God for sending Jesus for His Love is my strength. Thank You for all my blessings seen and unseen and the hope of new opportunities that are out there. I believe in Your Divine Guidance and I pray for continued direction in my life. Praise Your Holy Name Lord Jesus Christ through whom all good things come from. Praise You Lord Jesus. Amen Amen

God's blessings over all of my family, our friends, our pets, our homes and myself to always keep us safe and to always keep us free from all illness and disease and discomfort and I pray that each of us knows that Jesus Christ is our Savior and I pray for our Salvation. Please watch over us all and keep us safe and healthy. Praise You Lord Jesus Amen Amen

God's blessings over all the children and animals and people who are suffering, abused, neglected, in pain, in fear, hungry, homeless, sick and in need of extra prayers and hug. Amen. I pray for all who are battling cancer and all disease for healing and comfort. I pray for all the good people who give of themselves to help others and for the safety and protection of our police and the president and his family. I pray for peace in are world and in our hearts to shine out over the evil and violence through the Holy Spirit in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

One prayer at a time Save Us Praise You Lord Jesus. Amen Amen

God's healing blessings to heal all that is ill in my mind body and soul. I pray that my blood pressure comes down to a safe level and that my body is getting healthier as I am trying to take care of myself but I need Your help. Please heal all that needs healing. Praise You Lord Jesus. Amen I know You are helping me to find the right job and I have complete faith, please forgive me when I get weary and feel defeated for I am weak a lot. Please release me from the stress at work and into a job that is all that I can hope for. Please forgive my sins. Thank You Lord Jesus for loving me and I need You each moment of each day. Praise You Lord Jesus. Amen Amen

I pray that today is a wonderful happy blessed day with no stress and too much work that I can't handle and safe travels for all. Praise You Lord Jesus. Amen Amen

God's blessings over all of us that come together in prayer. Praise You Lord Jesus. Amen Amen

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