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Although this is a very long story and difficult to make short, I will say to anyone, if ever you have questioned God's being there for you, for any reason, look at the poem or many call a prayer, "Foot Prints In The Sand". My faith I thought was always strong through my life, however the day would come when I questioned my faith, as I bow my head over my son lying in a hospital bed on Good Friday, for there had been a house fire which had the same day taken my Father in Laws life, and left my 15 year old son struggling for his. I prayed so hard for God to see fit to keep my son on this Earth, for my son had so much more to give this world, to his 2 sisters and myself, his Father and his many friends. It would not be until Easter Sunday when my son would go to Heaven after becoming a donor and giving life and sight to others. I found myself in those days at the hospital thinking, why are you punishing me Lord, have I sinned in your eyes, maybe my divorce was a sin? I realized very soon after leaving the Catholic hospital that somehow had been the chosen to try and save Ryan's life, that God must have been the one who lead Ryan here, because there would be a miracle, not the one I prayed for, God answers our prayers in the way he see's best for all, God carried me through those hospital hall ways to the chapel, when I was alone and found I had no strength left to bear another step, God led the woman who would come to me in the chapel and say to me as she watched me beg for my son's life, "God will give you a miracle, yet remember it will be the miracle not of which you ask for but what God knows will be best". Our miracle was to become clearer and clearer each day that has passed since. "It was then that I carried you."