Prayer Request

My husband Tom has spinal cord surgery 8 March and is recovering at home. Prior to this surgery we found out that the cyst in the middle of his spinal cord was progressive and now doing more damage on his left side in addition to his right side. He is already in a pain management regime for the damage that this cyst has caused by in pressing on his nerves in his spinal cord. We had no choice to have this surgery to prevent further damage from occurring and it was frightening. It was affecting his legs and some times they couldn't move and this was leading in the direction of being wheel chaired bound. So he was in a situation where he would be paralyzed if he didn't have the operation or taking a chance to be paralyzed during this operation. We are so hoping that this surgery will undo some of the damage that was already being done by the cyst that would inflate with spinal cord fluid having a shunt in it now to drain the spinal fluid and deflate it like a balloon. That he will recover those nerves on the edge of being damaged so that he can have quality of life. Please pray for Tom that God provides his healing presence and that he is no longer tentative on his feet and that the pain associated with this cyst subsides so he can have quality of life. Thank you for your prayers because I know our Lord in heaven will not only bless you but Tom and provide his healing presence so that this operation was worth the pain he endured during his recovery by giving him success. The Doctor told Tom for the first two weeks, even with ultimate pain management regime, that he would hate her. Bless you all for your prayers. Please pray for his complete recovery and that his nerves are healed therefore no more pain.

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