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My husband and I are looking for our own place however we are struggling. We are not financially able to move out on our own with out help from the county assistant program. they are giving me the run around and one of the worker today mad me feel worthless. He scold at me as if I was a child and made me feel as if I was wrong, but how can I if I had bills that I had to pay or used my money for my family's need. I may not have a whole lot of money but I have some. Not enough to move out and pay first, last month's rent plus the damage deposit that is required prior to moving in. I am sadden that why people work in social service put people down like me. If I had a chance to help others I would do so in a heart beat. I pray that this worker's heart soften and help me in my struggle. I pray that god speak to his heart to see my pain of poverty. I pray that god help me through this hard time in helping my husband and my son find a home we can call our own....In Jesus name Amen.