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At the age of 10 years old waa rape by two family members until the age of 16 kept it to myself for years until another family member found OUt start looking for love in the WRONG PLACES got involved WITH preachers deacon AND individuals looking for love in all the wrong places also tried tried so many times to end my life did not want to live oh but he gave me Love noy peace of mind thank you Lord for YOUR love peace of mind appreciate you GOD

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Faith in God

My grandmother instilled me a lot of faith in our God as a young child and i have carried that faith into adulthood. I feel very special in his eyes because my mom was told she would not be able to have children and then she had me. My mother is my rock, best friend and i thank the good Lord everyday for making her a part of my life. We are each other's blessings. At the age of 2 i was diagnosed with a seizure disorder that i still have to this day and that same year my father left my mom and my grandpa passed away (her dad) and they think all the stress triggered my seizures my mom was left with a ...

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Our God is awesome!

I just want to publicly thank our God for spared life and all the blessings and favour he has released upon my husband and I life. He have been truly faithful to us in every way. When man say no he say yes because he is God all by himself. The enemy will come to disrupt the plans God has for our future been still remain faithful to his promises for our life. My marriage has been such a wonderful blessing from God and we thank him for keeping the covenant he has made with us as a couple. I ...

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God's Protection

I always believe God loves us, as the apple of His eyes. Because that is His promise. The other day I was waiting at a signal for the signal to change to green. A government bus was standing very close behind. The Tamilnad government buses are only fit for scrapping. Because of corruption, buses without parts, sharp sheet metal protruding dangerously from various parts, especially the steps, broken glasses, brakes that don't work are normal. So I was a little annoyed that the bus was standing so close. As the light changed to green, I started to move.Suddenly I heard a loud noise of something crashing. As I didn't feel any jerk, I thought some one must have met with an accident behind me and ...

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My Pastor

I didn't get saved till I was 63. About 8 months after I got saved my life got better. GOD started blessing me so much I was overwhelmed then a miracle happened My pastor needed a new heart and waited for months to get it and 1 day when drs gave up he got a heart at his last breath. now how much more could GOD show me how powerfull he is giving my pastor that miracle it changed my way of thinking and ill never be the same again GOD can do anything. Thank you.

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I am forced to be thankful

I have no other choice but to be thankful for the great things God always does for me. I surely, do not deserve anything good that comes in my way as a blessing because i simply do not do enough. I have a great life, great job, great marriage, great family, great child. I am at peace because i have the Lord in my heart.

With all of this, wouldn't you also be forced to be thankful? :) I love Jesus!

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My Falls

That's the story of my life. I was raised in Wichita FALLS, when I turned I started having seizures like my dad did. I never could hold onto a job because of it. In 1976 I got a job with the railroad and my seizures nearly abated. Everyone I worked with were good Christian folks that I could rely on. I eventually became the supervisor working only day shifts after I had a seizure on the job but instead of firing me the CEO made me an offer. I could take medical disability or work straight day shift. I prayed ...

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Jesus is the answer.

Whatever happens, always keep the faith. Remain faithful and consistent upon following and praising His glory! Always pray from the heart. For our God is so good! He is the King of all Kings! No one can ever replace Him! Jesus!

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the faith and do anything trough god...pray and pray again..

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The True Christian

I believe that, it is easy to say I'm a christian, But it is hard to follow his assigned worked for us. Because, we must leave what we are doing, before we are baptized. Then I change my lifestyle. No more vices and most of all I'm happy with my family. My faith with Jesus and trust to God the Father. Make my family happy. Bien cortes