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People of today

Sending love to all the people and children in the world and the children of today and always god has done lots for us all and he she'll never give up on us and I myself believe in god and the angels I have had littel miracles happen to me and it's always god that's there for us all no matter what gos on in the world so everyone please pray for are young people of today Amen god loves us all?

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Level Up with God

I had a son at the age of 19, I became a single mom for 2 years. Then I had a boyfriend and had a son at 21. Life for us wasn't easy. We are both undergraduate, no work. He is still in school. We are not from well to do family. Although my father is a teacher, he has loans to pay because he's the only bread winner in the family. I became a contractual employee in a government institution but my salary wasn't enough to feed two. We moved to their house. There I experienced a lot of difficulties. My patience was tested and I feel worthless that time because of favoritism. I keep on striving but I keep ...

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Waiting on God

(This isn't my inspirational story, but it is inspiring!) something that I wrote!

Believe it or not there is a wrong and right way to wait on God, a lot of us tend to wait the wrong way especially when things are taking too long. We become frustrated and impatient. We constantly complain about our situation. We tend to loose faith in God and walk around having our own pitty party like the world owes us something. We Walk around angry and with an absence of peace . Interesting why is peace missing? Perhaps it's because we aren't waiting the right way, our perspective is different from Gods! Waiting the wrong way can keep you from receiving what God has in store! What is wait...

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God is real

Awareness is what makes our human divinity stand out, we are in a place and we are constantly thinking things, many things, about what we have todo do next, ( future) or of something that already happened (past), and that is what kills the consciousness of perceiving God´s gifts everywhere. I mean the morning sunset, the birds singing,the sky´s inmensity and beauty, the sound of nature, or the people we see everyday, the conversations,situations the constant miracles in the most humble details. It seems that everyone has something to teach us. And the more you start giving it sense to it, the more everything connects, the more signals God gave us all. In our human capacity we are ...

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Small things make things bigger!

By my experience, I had started thinking about even smaller issues long back...or I had started extending my thought process of smaller issues which can really give different insight at different point of time! There is nothing wrong in extending thoughts if nobody is at blame. It is said that your life is full of experiences then...what is wrong in taking inspiration from some incident and write something to learn, implement, express etc......! There is no need to always experience something and then write. Empirical world is so fascinating that even though negative aspects of life are experienced by everyone, it is not that everyone can put it in the right perspective. If I am able to do that, it is an inspirational thing for ...

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Mary mother of Jesus saved my cat Moe.

My cat Moe was screaming in pain when I came down stairs for the day. He was crying. My husband said he was constipated, not to worry. After trying to give him laxatives and prune juice, none worked. He stopped eating. No use of litter box. I knew he was going to die. We took him to our Veterinary Hospital. His ribs had been cracked., one punctured his lung and infection had set in. He is in bad shape. A week in hospital Iv with med's.Dr did all he could. He said to take Moe home to spend time with him and bring him in on Saturday to put him under.I held Moe petted him talked to him, slept down stairs where he could see ...

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Amazing God

This story happened last week. I was looking the ID that my daughter handed to me before she left overseas. The ID covers health benefits, insurance, hotel accommodations for me as beneficiary and her as a member. My daughter kept on asking me to send that ID via LBC as soon as possible. I've gone through all the files at home with the help of my sidekick but couldn't find it. 3 days uncomfortable feeling knowing it will disappoint my daughter. Well, I know in my heart it was just misplaced. Then I started praying and praying hard father Go...

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Answered Prayer

Earlier this week, I asked for prayer for the safe return of a family pet. Bear hald gotten out of his owner's yard and gone missing. Praise GOD, I woke up Sunday morning. (May 7th) and my friend had posted that Bear was back home, safe and sound. He had been gone for 5 days. Thank you to all who prayed for this little dog to come home. GOD BLESS all of you.

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Answered Prayers

I wanted to start out by letting everyone know don't give up GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYERS. My wife & i were in a church service one night and i was out of work praying for a job among other things, and God through the Holy Ghost spoke and gave me a promise (personally) that He would bless me with a job, new home , debt free, new car, & won't have to live paycheck to paycheck. The answer to my prayer came quickly, but it has been 2-3 years since that night and Jesus is beginning to bless us like He said He would, because dometime we are tried in our FAITH sometimes we are have to through things until we pass or overcome them ...

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Miracles happen!

I know that God can perform miracles; I just wasn't sure if he was going to give my Brian one. My partner of 27 years and I have gone through hell together. After a lifetime of drinking and smoking, he gave up both five years ago and finally became the man I knew he could be. After a few nights of suffering what we both thought was indigestion, one night, the pain was particularly bad. I had to call an ambulance. At the hospital, they diagnosed him with severe pancreatitis. Which was odd since Brian had given up drinking years before. The next day in the hospital, Brian quit breathing. A Code Blue sent the hospital team scrambling. They were able to 'bring him back' ...