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Happy Angels

Happy Angels are always with a contented heart and mind.. Happy Angels don't need much to be happy.. if there is much it's like a BONUS for them.. they will be more happy.. Happy Angels are always with a low profile.. not too famous just famous within their friends circle is more than enough.. if anyone wanna gets to know Happy Angels just approach us and talk.. we always welcome everyone to talk and get to know us.. we are friendly and nice and happy and good always ^_^ we do everything with a good intention and try not to ...

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He Has Grown.

I am raised in a catholic family and i grow up to be a christian. Being a catholic and a christian at the same time is indeed no difference at all, at least for me. But it is not the same as to how my parents and other people view it. I was away from my family when i started my teaching career. 2 years after working in far away places, i came back home and started sharing Jesus to my family in somewhat different way (perhaps not much the same as to how catholics practice their faith) The issue of going to another church becomes worse , to the extent that they labeled me as a confuse believer. It is as if one day ...

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Life after death

God is awesome. One day my dad got really sick, I was at work when i got a call from my sister who said my dad had been taken to the hospital by ambulance, I rushed from work to the hospital only to find my dads eyes were already set, But god noticed we were not ready for him to leave yet or it would have possibly taken one of us out also, So god let him stay with us another 2 yrs. to spend more time with him.He gave us A 2nd chance to bond with him , love ...

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Goodbye my friend

I wrote this in my first year of recovery, and thought I would share with you, I've been free of my addiction now for 9 years. And I could not have done it with out God on my side.
Good-Bye my friends....
There comes a time in everyone's life when it’s time to say good-bye to a friend. The two of you have been real good friends of mine for so many years. At times you were my best friends; you were always there to see me through the hard times in my life. When i was feeling down and depressed you were there to pick me up. You never turned your back on me. Sometimes i would have a hard time ...

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Simply say Thank you for everything...

Simply acknowledge - everything we have is from God. in a second if all we have will be taken away - imagine what will happen? Pause for a moment - close your eyes and paint that image and how would you face it - if ever... until then... you would appreciate how God loves you despite of's... how He forgives even if's... Humility begets Compassion and Discernment... It takes Pride to subdue, for Humility to triumph.

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my prayer garden

im new to this talking to God thing,but im always in my garden.I talk to the flowers,and my trees,so it seems a natural place to talk to God.I tell him my fears,I tell him when i doubt,I thank him for being there for me..if I need to offload,i do it in my garden...its a place of peace for me,and I do feel God is there.I told him we need him real bad as there is so much evil,I tell him I love him because without him I would have no hope..I told him hope is such a big word,its up ...

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A New Life.

God took care of me when I couldn't even take care of myself.So very thankful.

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Feeling Lost

I' am brought up in Catholc faith....for every single thing I pray to God , I always ask for his guidance...

I'm a Montessori teacher with over 12 years work love for children is so much ....

I'm in a strange country without a job ...I feel so lost , since I have no money to support my self.....going back home empty hand feels like a nightmare.....

Is there anyone who could give me a hand ....???

He or she will be an Angle ..God sent from Heaven....

Please pray for me.... If anyone would like...

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Love, Life, & wisdom to know the difference

All my life I had an amazing woman right there showing me the way. At a young age I was brought up in the christian faith, most of my life growing up I fought it, only to understand as an adult. That woman was leading me on a path of life, though I didnt always understand half of what she said I always listened. I of course was compelled to.... she was grams... I had to. However as time went on and I grew, I found all she ever taught was love. Wow! What a concept the easiest thing to do in life but the hardest thing to do at times. Sh...

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Being Thomas

Ah, Thomas. Thomas the Doubter. Doubting Thomas, the one who wouldn’t believe his Jesus had risen unless he’d seen and touched and felt his Master’s wounds. Poor Thomas, who probably got a lot of criticism for his reaction. But in truth, a lot of us are like that. Even as Christians. Most of us still have days like that. We are no different from Thomas.

However, the good thing about Jesus was, He didn’t mind that Thomas was like that. Thomas was just a different type of believer. Maybe he required a bit more effort to get through to, but Jesus loved him and didn’t mind. When He’d resurrected, He could have come back whole, without those ghastly wounds. He’s God, right? He’d won ...