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My safety......

Our Lord has been answering my prayers for the last 22 years because I just had the ability to celebrate my 38th birthday last month!!! :) That just means that I've been blessed with his protection and haven't been SHOT just like I was way back when I was ONLY 16 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!

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On june 15 2015. after a week of being so sick and 3 trips to the hospital i was rushed into surgey for a shattered spleen..there was no accident or it threw the doctors off...upon surgery i remeber waking up and was looking down at myself as they were trying to revive me...and i started yelling down..IM STILL HERE!!!! they didnt here me ...and i thought it was a dream until about 4weeks later..they had me strapped down for 4 days due to me trying to rip the venaloter from my mouth.I knew it was bad when i seen my nephew there due to him never being able to stay at a hospital very long!! .i came home after 2 weeks in hospital sh...

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God is so good

I had surgery on my kidney the 27th of July!! The tumor they removed was cancer! But thank God it was all contained to the tumor! I have a 6 to 8% chance to hat will come back!! What I need to do now is have a CT in 6 months!! If everything is ok! I will have one a year!!

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Prayer helps

I asked for prayers for my skin rash, well it looks a lot better. I think its on its way to healing. Thanks for the prayers . ive had it for a month. again
thanks. God is good.

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A miracle!! Angel at the altar!!!

Today I saw an angel!! He appeared to me as a man and he was the beautiful man I've ever seen except for Jesus of course. (I say appeared as a man because I believe angels can appear in any form if he/she is actually man I do not know but that's how they appeared) I was at the altar praying and this man appeared kneeling next to me at the altar. I was the only one who could see him. He has golden hair and wore emerald. He was beautiful and he encouraged me to continue on despite how ...

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Thought: Yesterday as I drove to work, my mind began wandering off. I found myself pondering these words: "omnipotent Will of God". I have been told from time to time, that I tend to overthink things - honestly I have to agree as I found myself doing that very thing with these words. Needless to say, my drive to work seemingly went very quick.

So what does the words "omnipotent Will of God" mean? First off, omnipotent is one of God's attributes that means: “God is all-powerful and able to do whatever he wills". So I pose the question ...

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Earlier in the year, I was having a lot of health problems that I didn't have until that time. I was falling frequently. I would be in the middle of a sentence & forget what I meant to say. I couldn't play my guitar & sing, because I couldn't control my voice & my right hand. I was very disappointed. I went to a neurologist. He ordered a lot of tests. All the results were normal. That was good, but I worried that I would go on having all those symptoms. The neurologist & the nurse at the mental health clinic were going back & forth, changing my medications. I was ...

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My Class

I've been teaching at the public school in the Philippines for a year and 2 months now. It was very tough then and now. With a dilapidated classroom, most of my class gets all soaked when it rains. My faith is always tested everyday and with the thoughts like who are those who doesn't get a chance to eat breakfast & lunch today? Whose bruises are darker on Mondays? Who are those who kept on tugging a loose shirt? I'm a hypocrite if I will say I didn't asked help to adopt my class. I sent letters to big compan...

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Claudia Wehdeking

Miraculous Recovery from a Mental Breakdown

For years I suffered from a form of bi-polar illness, which had not been diagnosed + treated in spite of my seeking professional, medical help. When my middle son went through a very painful divorce-- that became the trigger for my complete breakdown. I later realized (thanks to a lot of prayer) that I SUPPRESSED the painful feelings regarding my parents' divorce when I was 8. My mother wanted custody, but made me feel so guilty for loving + missing my father. My mother wanted me to take her side + love her most. When I visited my mother in Germany at age 96 she asked my...

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lord is the ultimate

Thank you dear lord for what you have given me, your blessings are always with me and my family, for each and every day of my life i thank you. You have been always with me in my ups and down, given me the strength to cope up and face it. Without you, i wouldnt have made it. I love you immensely and have faith on you dear god. I know you are there for me in each path of my life.