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Gratitude & Hope

I am asking thanksgiving to God for all am going through for all the good ones and bad ones, it makes me stronger everyday & makes me want to believe more that he works miracle in all mysterious ways, I am living in US and all my immediate family esp. my mom who is so sick is way back in my home country Philippines which is the other side of the world from where I am. I visit them once a year my in-laws often help me with my plane tickets too so as, sending some med. aid for my mom sometimes. Unfortunately, I always ended up having to quit a job here in US coz' when i go home, i don't know how long ...

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My journey at Starbucks

I started in the winter of 2017 at the starbucks near my home. It is a large store with a drive up and is centrally located so we get people coming and going into orange county out to palm springs through the 241 out to Irvine. You get what I mean were busy. I met with the manager the 1st day of the new year for an interview. She asked me to come back in a few weeks so I did. By our second interview I was convinced this was the place for me. Watching her interact with her staff, customers and vendors was a true blessing. She brings such a warmth and energy to Starbucks they are blessed to have found her and given ...

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But always remember.


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Asking for God's hand

2004 I lost both my parents 8 months apart it killed me to lose them I was 30 I became an addict in an alcoholic I was running on drugs I moved to Florida stay clean for about 4 months then I met an employee that I worked with who was a drug addict I lost my husband my kids my job my everything lost my mind my soul my heart my feelings I was out running for 2 years on drugs and alcohol on October 5th I was standing in a puddle lightning and thunder looking into the sky above and talking to God telling him I was done I was sick and tired of being sick and tired lightning struck but missed me ...

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I am proof that God still does Miracles!

I am a stage 3b Breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed a month after I left an abusive marriage. That was 6 yrs ago. Since then, I have been able to build a brand new life for me and my 3 kids. I went back to school, got a great job, got a great home, got a new church, got new friends, and was doing well. But last yr, in March 2016 I was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Metastatic Mediastinal Melanoma with no skin involvement. While I was on chemo for the wrong diagnosis, the cancer spread ...

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My kids Came Home from Foster Care

In October 2013 I lost my kids to Dss and for 3 and 1/2 years I fought and fought for them sometimes winning and sometimes losing but on May 3rd God blessed me ultimately, and I regained full custody of my kids and Dss closed the case out. I see that if I push God away he allows things to happen to bring you closer to him. I live my God so much

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Faith truly heals

Truly faith heals just believe and claim in Jesus name it will be done that situation incincrease my faith in a situation when Ir feels my soul needs Gid He is always there in each place in in I only think of Hesus Chriat miraculously I felt Gus presence I felt that He is always by me every step of the way in my life

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Because GOD is alive im alive because i got lost and HE found me HE reach to me when my wing got broken and i was flying down HE pull me up and fix my wing HE said to me not to fly to far or my wing will brake again to keep flying under HIS blessings so my wings dont work hard sence my wing got hurt, now i just fly around HIS hands and feet and now i convinced i dont need to fly far because all i need is HIS hands and feet when HE bless me ...

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the truth about Jesus

grew up catholic believing you sinned confessed over and over and God decided your fate then went into A.A but nothing about either of then got me the faith that comes from God then I went study the bible and found out you must be saved to get to heaven got saved so say the world's way a hundred plus times then through his word and many mistakes got the truth from God and his word getting saved as John 12:46 puts in I have come a light into this world so that whosoever believeth in me shall not abide...

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Showering of Blessings from Heaven

My husband and I lost our foodstamps in March of 2017, because my son got a job and between my SSI and his check we made $200 over the limit. We had to buy groceries with money. I prayed to God to help my son find a place to go so we could get our foodstamps. God answered my prayer. My son moved out into a house with friends. Then I reapplied for foodstamps and we were approved right aeay we got 200 emergency foodstamps and then 300 each month after that. God blessed our home with lots of groceries. Then ...