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The Healing Hands Of God

Last July 2016, my husband and grandson had left for Alaska for a few weeks vacation and Grandpa / Grandson time together leaving my granddaughter Chelle with me. I woke one morning feeling so sick that all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and be left alone. Fortunately that didn`t happen as Chelle kept a very close eye on me and kept spoon feeding me Gatorade. She tried to get me to go to the hospital but I just didn`t want to move. Finally at 1am she heard me fall and I was wedged between nightstand and bed having a grand mal seizure. She called 911 they timed the seizure which was 7 minutes in length then she was ...

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Thanking God for healing

I found out in July 2016 I have epilepsy I was on 750 on Keppra that wasn't working for me so I kept having seizures which is scary! I had another seizure November 12th 2016. I finally met my neurologist in November after having another seizure. . She is a good christian doctor I believe God sent me to her she up the dose of my Keppra to 3000 it has been helping a lot! Along with the Atvian I am on I will be three months seizure free February 12th. I want to give thanks to God for h...

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Little Girl Lost now Found

My background before God I had known every abuse possible. Parents split at age 2 and my sister and I lived with out dad. We had live inn housekeepers with alot of verbal and violent abuse. (Our father worked interstate so we were left with them)
I was sexualy abused at 8 and 12 by a friends father being told if told he would kill family and me.
This was start of trust issues,trying committ suicide, and becomming a loner at school.
My first person I trusted was the man I married at age 20 and had son at 21.
After being married for believing I am worthy14 years but knew him for 16 years my husband cheated on me. Trust issues arise and ag...

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A Renewed Life

I am not only renewed once but I am renewed everyday. God is gracious enough to renew everything in us.

Glory to God in the highest.

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Never Give Up

I'll try till I am blessed with the beginning of the road that always flows. No traffic jams just everything connected flow by flow. Never Give Up. (I Won't)

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Trials and Tribulations

I will attempt to keep a long story brief. I had a wonderful life from the time I was a kid all the way until the time I was 37. There began a journey of pain and doubt that has last until the last two years. I am 50. I don't feel 50. But the mirror begs to differ.

I have battled PTSD, Post-partum depression; Bipolar disorder; anxiety; doubt of self, and doubt of God. I battled an abusive husband, and the dwindling, twirling downward sense of self. I battled alcoholism for twenty years. That was only terrible for the last ten years. Long time; "only".

Despite all of these terrible conditions, I made it through. I wanted to end m...

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My husband has had an alcohol problem for a few years now. My sons and I have prayed and prayed. I asked for prayers on this site a few days before New Years. I am happy to say that since Dec. 30th, my husband has not only put down all alcohol, but has also stopped smoking. I am so glad to God.

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Thyroid Help!

My hair started falling out and I was advised by friends to visit the Dr. He refused to run blood tests without my pleading, but I finally convinced him to run the TSH test. My TSH was high. I later found out I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimotos. The doctors try to give me medicine but I don't want it. I prayed asking God to heal me for almost 3 years. I finally got a blood test back and praise Jesus, my TSH is almost normal! I know I could never have done this without the healing touch of ...

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Having faith in God is a healing process.

About 4 years ago, I had became ill with respiratory infection causing me to cough up blood and pus. The pus was so thick I had a hard time coughing it up. I didn't go to a doctor, instead, I kept praying to my God of Healing. It took several prayers and faith that was unwavering. I prayed night and day and at any time I felt the tightness in my chest and never gave up. All night and day I was coughing it up so that I had to keep a receptacle with me at all times. Guess what, ...

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Stay in Faith with

God works in a couple of ways,God will make a way when theirs seems to be no way , He works in ways we can not see...have faith,and Stay in Faith...... for God provides....stay blessed everyone.