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Yvette May

With God, all things are possible.

Today, I passed my teaching demo. There's still a long way to go (testing and interview) but I'm thankful that I was able to get this far, and I know I can go further with God. I may have my worries and doubts about what I can do but God always supplements what I lack, and with Him all things are possible.

Thank you God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, angels, and saints, especially St. Therese, St. Jude, St. Clare, and St. Pio.

To God be the glory!

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A Church Property Custodian

As I have these position God has helped me to become more mature to served in this ministry, I have become close to him as I take care the property of the church, he made me more faithful as sometimes and always become his servant through serving my fellow worshipers to do his command for visitation, service in the wake ups of some christians together with my resident pastors, chief deaconess and my fellow women. I praise God for being with me always as I walked in my daily endeavor.

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Answered prayer

God answered my prayers. He made a way for me at the period I was almost giving up. I was almost locked out on my last semester because of fees. Today, I managed to raise all the money required not because I had it, but the money just came in a mysterious way. I managed to do all that was required and am now able to progress with my studies. I had dared God yesterday to prove that miracles exist and He did it. I believe that God's way are not our ways, our role is to trust in H...

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From A Lost Place!

I dealt with emotional stress for many years, molested at a very young age, then into my teens I was raped. Looking back in retrospect lead me to recreational drugs that only covered up my wounds just to exist. Into my adulthood it became an addiction, along with abusive relationships that left me emotionally, mentally, and physically broken. But on the month of October in the year of 2009. I made of my mind to receive the Word, believe in the Word; to surrender my burdens. Surrounded myself around positive women came into my life reintroducing me to Christ. Is when I began to write these same thoughts and feelings down on paper; that allowed me to give my testimony out loud. That day was ...

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God is Love

I use to be a addicted to sex and heavy drugs but when I met the Lord my life changed now I walk with peace in my heart and no matter what the Devil throws at me I can't exchange the love of Christ for nothing... Christ I love you and the peace and joy you have giving me the world can't give it to me.

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Good news

Lord God Marie and I had good news for the first time in five weeks yesterday. We slept well for the first time in 5 weeks. We thank you Lord in Jesus' name that even in chaos and pain you are a faithful loving God. Lord forgive us for not walking in faith at all times. You are truly God

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Answered Prayer!!!

I have been unemployed since August 2016 . I quit a previous job and took a new position that I thought was a great opportunity, a lot more money and challenged. It was for a non-profit organization in which the project was cancelled and consequently I lost my job. I was very disappointed but never really had peace when I accepted the position. I thought it was because it was a big challenge and I felt a little insecure but I know now it was the Holy Spirit's warning not to take it. I applied and had several job interviews but nothing came through. I did work a temporary assignment in November for about 3 weeks and was offered another position but it was resc...

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The curse I had turned into a gift

Since childhood I have a phobia of the dark and I get to see the dark side which frightened and tortured me a lot. As far as I remember I suffered for more than 40 years until I accepted Jesus in 1996 when I got baptised. After baptism the curse which i had really turned into a gift as a priest assured me it's a gift from God because I started to see and feel the presence of the Holy Family instead of the demons. Now my fear of the dark is totally gone and I have become very ...

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My Hate for God became My " LOVE " for God

I had a rough life growing up , family of 11 plus Mom and Dad .
As I grew older age 17 , I found out that I was pregnant . Even as young as I was I wanted that baby even though his father had beaten me black and blue for just speaking out at the wrong time . I am Caucasian , I fell in love with a Native . My family was against it from day one . I lived my full pregnancy alone :( I had a beautiful son " I " named Justin 6lbs 11oz...

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I am psoriasis ..really anyyoing me..but i always remember about Jesus.. His kindness.. His Love.. and His promise ..
Never leave me alone..
Keep pray.. keep pray.. He always be near you.. just feel it..