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My 3, saviour,my guide ....

My name is Chito Ramos,I was born in 1952,.....Phiippines,...youngest of 12 children ,my father was a Pharmacist and mother was banker,a middle class family ,. .but for some reason I somehow forgotten,I woke one day when I was ten and there is not a single person in our house, and from since then I go to school,and there was no one telling me that I have to go to school,do my home work ,here to sleep or where to I am now eat sleep where I close my eyes,and eat where I am at,I sleep over friends house,my siblings friends ,from my oldest to my age group.,I graduated grade school by myself ,involved on all activities by my self ,I was a dancer ,musician,spor...

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The Great Healer

1 and a half years ago I was told I had cirrhosis of the liver and that my time was relatively short. I prayed and wonderful prayer warriors prayed for me too. 3 weeks ago I walked out of the liver Dr's office cirrhosis free! The Dr said, "I dont understand this because there is no cure for cirrhosis." I said, "yes there is, he is called Jesus Christ and he is still in the healing business. Praise the Lord!!!! I know he will let me live long enough to raise my precious grand-babies. They lost their Mommy in 2008, ...

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Early Warning

A few weeks ago I awoke to someone sitting on my chest. There was no one there but the pain felt like it. I got up and decided to go to Urgent Care, as it was on Saturday, and my doctor was not in his office. Urgent Care sent me to a nearby hospital for blood work. Upon arrival I had blood tests, chest exray and a heart monitor. After reading the results they found I had a nodule on my right lung. My heart appeared to be fine. I spent two days in the hospital and was well ed...

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The moment I close my eyes and started to empty my mind, I saw myself in the spirit being hold and drag by an evil man and I can't move in my place. I cried out and said, " Lord where are you?" He didn't answer. I am in a situation of confusion of where I am., Then in the spirit I saw darkness. I glance and looked out what's around, then I saw Jesus fighting for me against myriad of forces of darkness then I cried out, " Lord, help me!" I'm yielding and still doing nothing but shouting and asking for help. My eyes opened wide and saw angels around fighting the evil forces who tries to get me. I saw Jesus leading ...

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Fighting pays off.

Last year I was diagnosed with cancer and sadly enough with a pretty bad prognosis. In november the docters declared me free of pathology so I was grateful and very relieved. But now I suffer again from cancer in the mouth which is a very heavy burden to carry for me. So a prayer might help me a lot while I'm again struggling for my life. Apparently this is the way the Divine mother has decided for me. What does'nt kill you makes you stronger so I hope to make myself useful again working as a paintherapist in the future. ...

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Life challenges and faith in God.

About a week ago i poured out my heart as all i could think of is suicide. One Night last week i was playing russian roullete due to financial strain and no job. While i was busy in my mind i was wondering if i would actually hear the bang.

It was a very dark night for me and all i wanted was to give up and die. Suicide was top of mind and i didn't care about the consequences.

I met a friend Nancie on the prayer request who we became friends and chat daily since then and helped me with some food .

Went to church and the pastor also helped me, prayed on me and made me stronger.

Today my ...

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Overcoming Obstacles

I used to be a girl with so much insecurities and inferiority complex. I came from a broken family and experienced a lot of difficulties in life at early age due to the separation of my parents. I would envy young girls before who have so much confidence that you can see in them so much love and pampering from their parents. I never finish college due financial difficulties and that adds up to my insecurities. I've been to different kinds of odd jobs but I always have this dream to succeed in life and it was my driving force everyday. One night I was watching TV and I saw a program, 700 Club Asia. It featured the life of an unemployed person who got...

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The Great Flood.

I was always a shy person. When I joined "The Church" I sat in the back of the building very quietly for many years. I admired the women of the church for the activities that they were involved in. I so wanted to be a part of those activities. After a few years I started walking and praying each morning to become more involved in the church. I was thinking maybe to help cook a few meals for special occasions but God had different ideas. A new pastor came into our church and shook things up. He made me Children's Coordinator. I had no idea what that involved since we had no children. But I was to soon find out. Our pastor adopted five children...

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God is Everywhere and Everywhere

I have always been out going and eagar to help others , even when I've been in my lowest state. A few years ago I survive spinal meningitis and a cerebral spinal fluid leak. Which lead to a few brain surgeries. At this point in my life I have never been so incapacitated and unable to provide for myself. Sometimes my life feels like it isn't my own . But one of the things I have always loved to do is help others. It doesn't take much to give others a sense of hope. Hope is powerful , for it can free the captive. One day I was severely depressed because I can't do what I need to do like getting a car and...

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My beloved mother, Juliana C. Huichan

My mother was a woman who had an
exceedingly amount of faith, from her I learned to always have faith and believe in the worst of times, that god's angels are always around to protect you and keep you safe. A year after my mother passed I was driving 395 heading to the Eastern Sierra's for work and I fell asleep at the wheel, it was around 5:00 am, around that time in the morning I would always drive that long stretch of highway with the early morning truck drivers heading south . That particular morning, I didn't notice the truckers, it was a balmy morning and everything seemed so quite, when I suddenly woke up as my car was violently
making a 360...