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The drive home

Quite a few years ago, I was at a very low point in my life. My second marriage had just crumbled and the divorce was getting ugly. I was trying to sell my house. I was working 60 to 70 hours a week due to understaffing. My father had just been diagnosed with colon cancer. My sanity felt stretched to the limit. I couldn't sleep because of everything on my mind. I wasn't what anyone would have called a religious person. One day, I was driving home from work and I was stuck in a horrible traffic jam. This was nothing new. It happened everyday at rush hour. I couldn't get everything out of my head and traffic was starting annoy me far worse than ...

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Story about life..

When I was Living in Arizona in a relationship, I bought a dog from the mall.. Against my wishes, but my spouse at the time was very loving, and wanted to rescue the world. So I gave in; to have the dog find trust within me.. Spouse left and I Kept the dog. On My Own, as I worked 10-12 hours a day, I had committed myself to this animal that was stubborned, and had No Trust within me. One day, as we were in our own world, I got sick, and Passed out in the bathroom with a virus that no one could explain. I was awakened by a dog that layed by my side, and licked me until I awokened. Stayed by my ...

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When I was a baby, my parents discovered that I had heart problems and did not know why. I was born with a heart deformity and if left untreated, I could have died and was close to death anyway even if treated, which it was.
At three months they went to a doctor whom I think specialized in children's cardiovascular problems.
Church friends prayed for me when I was about to approach death's door and now I am 26, going to be 27 soon in July. God saved me and at this moment in time. I have a new girlfr...

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The Promise

She taught for 25 years before she received her wings.

She loved her students and God was her source and resource.
As she taught geography to her students, she would remind them
how fortunate they were to have to be in a safe building with desks and books. Each day they would travel via their books to visit countries to observe other schools.

On the day she received her wings, she had gone to school...she went to prayer meetings and choir rehersal. When she came home, she left her front door unlocked and called 911. She then went to the bathroom and relieved herself. She then died as the first responders were coming through the front door.

One would think this to...

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My father was in the hospital with pneumonia and knowing full well, he didn't share the same faith and beliefs that I have. I was told years ago that I had the gift of healing in my right hand and that I should never use it frivolously or in jest. As I approached the hospital room, I asked God to allow me to lay my right hand on my father and pray for a healing, without it being said aloud, for fear his reaction would be negative and it would be rejected. As I approached the hospital room, the door ...

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God gave us a miracle

My life long friend Tommy had a heart attack, his 8th one! He has been in hospital in winnipeg, Manitoba, canada for over 2 weeks, in a coma, on life support, and only 35% of his heart working. He is 65. He is not a huge man, small and thin, and this time all of his family was called from all over Canada. He was on life support, kidney machines due to him being septic, he is an alcoholic. He has been on a lung machine and not expected to survive at all!! My dad died of the same things at age 64. Other people prayed for Tommy, but me and my brother we prayed so hard our knees are scraped. We both felt ...

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I Love This App

Getting ready to go to court to finalize my divorce, I check Facebook's notifications, and my message from God, at this point in my life, is, "Today, Michelle, we believe God wants you to know that when you strike out, you always strike in. Any weapon you use to strike, - clenched hand, angry voice, closed heart withholding love, - is double-sided with one edge always cutting deep into yourself. Sometimes a weapon is necessary, but use it wisely, - and remember that the cost of using one are your own wounds." Well played God. I'll keep that in mind ...

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divine favour

ever since i embarked upon kingdom advancd prayers my story changed instantly,i would like to extend my sicere gratitude,honour that the lord bestowed upon me,,i pray for my friends ,neighbors ,colleagues,the poor,the lame,the blind,and those who cant support themselves for light to shine upon them,,cheersss..

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Tobe Alexander

My Miracle

6 years ago I went to the Dr. for a regular check up and was sent to the hospital to ICU for immediate surgery on my heart. I had a triple by pass and a carotid bypass. they told my family there was a good chance I wouldnt make it. I put my faith in God and made it thru all the surgeries fine. within a month the left side of the heart started dying. They told me then I only had about 18mo to 2 years to live. I started taking CO Q10 400 mg.and went to therapy...