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The moment I close my eyes and started to empty my mind, I saw myself in the spirit being hold and drag by an evil man and I can't move in my place. I cried out and said, " Lord where are you?" He didn't answer. I am in a situation of confusion of where I am., Then in the spirit I saw darkness. I glance and looked out what's around, then I saw Jesus fighting for me against myriad of forces of darkness then I cried out, " Lord, help me!" I'm yielding and still doing nothing but shouting and asking for help. My eyes opened wide and saw angels around fighting the evil forces who tries to get me. I saw Jesus leading the way and telling me to fight, He said " use the armour and weapon that I gave you." Then I started to fight and God lead me the way to a beautiful place with many books and seats. It is so peaceful place. I thanked God for it. Glory to His name. Amen.

The moment you see yourself in despair and discouragements and asking the Lord for help, actually the Lord and His angels are fighting for you, securing the way that leads you where God wants you to go. The place He prepares for you. He wants you to possess that and God is expecting you to fight for it, to take up your step of faith to pursue it. Ant the moment you act on it, to obey His word and His mandate you will surely have it. Just have the attitude of moving forward no matter what, for He is with you and will fight for you. Shalom!