Inspirational Story
A beautiful life

God has taught me in the past couple of days how beautiful life is when you have a grateful heart, instead of counting the wrongs and keeping track of everything that goes wrong, to see his hand work in every situation, to be grateful for how blessed you are. to be able to breath, smile, see, feel, to have everything you have, for the opportunities, the people, the experiences. this beautiful life he has blessed me with. and when i started seeing the beauty, when i started being grateful, each day life became even more beautiful and everything within me kept getting lighter and brighter. it freed me, gave me new life and i smile more, i worry less, knowing his love surpasses all earthly limitations and reasoning, knowing his perfect plans will unravel when i hold on to his love, and have faith. its honestly insane how much life it gives you! his love is just crazy! and amazing! and i'm ever so grateful for it!

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