Inspirational Story
My Hate for God became My " LOVE " for God

I had a rough life growing up , family of 11 plus Mom and Dad .
As I grew older age 17 , I found out that I was pregnant . Even as young as I was I wanted that baby even though his father had beaten me black and blue for just speaking out at the wrong time . I am Caucasian , I fell in love with a Native . My family was against it from day one . I lived my full pregnancy alone :( I had a beautiful son " I " named Justin 6lbs 11oz .... Jan 8th 1984 - Feb 19th 1984 , yes a whole six weeks old . Called SIDS . I married and had 4 miscarriages after everything I had already been through. I hated God like no person ever should ! I was told I may never be able to be a mother , but I today, tomorrow and forever Thank " GOD " for my Two Handsome Young Men , and 7 grandchildren . Praise GOD

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