Inspirational Story
From A Lost Place!

I dealt with emotional stress for many years, molested at a very young age, then into my teens I was raped. Looking back in retrospect lead me to recreational drugs that only covered up my wounds just to exist. Into my adulthood it became an addiction, along with abusive relationships that left me emotionally, mentally, and physically broken. But on the month of October in the year of 2009. I made of my mind to receive the Word, believe in the Word; to surrender my burdens. Surrounded myself around positive women came into my life reintroducing me to Christ. Is when I began to write these same thoughts and feelings down on paper; that allowed me to give my testimony out loud. That day was the beginning to a new me, encouraged, inspired to let go, and let God. Only then was I able to grow spiritually. God has and still giving me insight to discern truth from lies, that I am no longer afraid to truly love. Today, I am living a Christian experience, attend Sunday School, and sing on the Senior Choir of my Church, and every second and fourth Sunday I usher. Glory be to God for His glorious grace and mercy on my life. If it wasn't for His forgiveness, the shame, guilt, and fear that hinder me in my past would've killed me.

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