Inspirational Story

Lately I've been complaining about people around me. Finding faults in them and criticize them on my mind. Of course I'm not showing it by words or actions but its battling on my mind and emotion. I'm seeing how they wronged me and how prideful are they. It offends and made me weary. I feel weak and my spiritual joy was lost. I missed those sweet moments I have in Him. So I decided to have a break and a rest. For 3 days I abstained from social media and spend more on reading His Word, listening to worship songs and reading Christian books and praying. That was such an amazing relief and refreshment. It was as if a heavy stone has been taken away. Every verses form His Words I read has power to renew me. Then I realized that because I became too relax of my spiritual activity I became weak and blunt. The reason why i can highlight the bad things of every people around its because I am spiritually dried out. I can't give something I don't have. The kind of love that I should give to them, but I get disconnected. I get busy so I ended up sick. But the only answer is in me. God is always available to help but it needs my cooperation and my faith to do His job. This is my repetitive cycle of lessons but I'm willing to be rebuked and be trained again and again for my growth and maturity. Thank you Lord for restoring me and I help me to be sustained daily in my quality time with you. To God be the Glory!

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