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He Has Grown.

I am raised in a catholic family and i grow up to be a christian. Being a catholic and a christian at the same time is indeed no difference at all, at least for me. But it is not the same as to how my parents and other people view it. I was away from my family when i started my teaching career. 2 years after working in far away places, i came back home and started sharing Jesus to my family in somewhat different way (perhaps not much the same as to how catholics practice their faith) The issue of going to another church becomes worse , to the extent that they labeled me as a confuse believer. It is as if one day i woke up and chose to live a christian life instead of being labeled as a catholic. I dont have anything against the religion. Perhaps to better say it, the religion my parents wanted me to be in has grown up and enriched into something beyond what they have expected. It grows up like a seed that couldn't just stop growing. IT being a religion is now transformed into a WAY OF LIFE. Now, whatever my parents and other people say about the changes in me, be it in religion or faith, all i can say is that God is growing inside me. And they cant just stop that. They have given me a seed within and planted it, now that it grows , i will treasure it up until it is fully grown. I just pray that whatever kind of plant it will grow, they (my parents and other people) would see and experience God's love through it. May God bless me and use me as an instrument of His love. This I pray, in Jesus name, amen.