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Amazing God

This story happened last week. I was looking the ID that my daughter handed to me before she left overseas. The ID covers health benefits, insurance, hotel accommodations for me as beneficiary and her as a member. My daughter kept on asking me to send that ID via LBC as soon as possible. I've gone through all the files at home with the help of my sidekick but couldn't find it. 3 days uncomfortable feeling knowing it will disappoint my daughter. Well, I know in my heart it was just misplaced. Then I started praying and praying hard father God to help the name of JESUS I will find it !.in the name of JESUS!... then all of a sudden I receive a message from God telling me you go downstairs u will find it placed in a brown envelope so I followed as instructed and saw the files of documents directly pointed out immediately took the brown envelope and yes, it's there!...Amazing God thank you so much. Thank you for the personal relationship I had with you. I can feel Your presence in my life. I feel blessed knowing you are with me all the time.