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Small things make things bigger!

By my experience, I had started thinking about even smaller issues long back...or I had started extending my thought process of smaller issues which can really give different insight at different point of time! There is nothing wrong in extending thoughts if nobody is at blame. It is said that your life is full of experiences then...what is wrong in taking inspiration from some incident and write something to learn, implement, express etc......! There is no need to always experience something and then write. Empirical world is so fascinating that even though negative aspects of life are experienced by everyone, it is not that everyone can put it in the right perspective. If I am able to do that, it is an inspirational thing for me. Smaller things make it bigger...this proverb is absolutely a truth if whole life is taken into consideration! What inspiration someone can have for better never know....So stop writing about something which is confined to some generic ideas as commonly shared already. Start welcoming different perspectives of people, We all write about different things at different time intervals then what a big deal if I write on negative as well as positive aspects. Ecah coin has two is not said that negative sides can not be enumerated ever! It can be explained! Hence believe in yourself and your own conviction! Even though things will be written or op not....are we going to stop saying something to someone whenever we want to???? Because it is human nature to poke nose and mystify things deliberately! On the contrary....information taking is commonly known as the usual process in every stream then even philosophy is not the exception to it. Blessed Self all!