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Level Up with God

I had a son at the age of 19, I became a single mom for 2 years. Then I had a boyfriend and had a son at 21. Life for us wasn't easy. We are both undergraduate, no work. He is still in school. We are not from well to do family. Although my father is a teacher, he has loans to pay because he's the only bread winner in the family. I became a contractual employee in a government institution but my salary wasn't enough to feed two. We moved to their house. There I experienced a lot of difficulties. My patience was tested and I feel worthless that time because of favoritism. I keep on striving but I keep on falling. One thing I have to keep going is my FAITH, I trust God in everything. That all of these is just a test of time, that something big is up for me. Until I became a permanent employee with a 5x higher than my previous salary. I got the position which I never dreamed of because I am and undergrad, I just walk in and applied but never expected something really big. It's one of my greatest proof that God will never get tired of listening just have faith. He will give you the best in His time.