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I just want to share what I have learned from being a stubborn child of God.
I am actually struggling with my faith with God these past few days because of the temptation of flesh. I tried too hard to satisfy myself by keep on insisting to continue something that I know from the very start will not be worth it. I am a NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) by the way. After the pain that I had from the first man that I thought would be my first boyfriend,I made a decision to look for another man who will cure that pain.
I feel the need. I want satisfaction for myself. It took a year for me to realize that there is a risk of being desperate.
I almost become one of the reason to destroy a relationship that starts from many years ago. Actually I was deceived by a man. He told me that there's nothing going on with that girl it's just that they are friends only. So I keep my conversation with him. Not until that girl called me and told me that she is pregnant. She was asking if what kind of relationship that man and I have.And I was just startled. I do have feeling for that man but I decided that I should just be friends to him. So I told that girl that I am just a friend. After the talk that I had from her, I realized I really am been fooled by that man. A lot of lies were revealed. I told myself, this is not the kind of relationship I want to have. I never thought that I will be involved in this kind of situation.
I am just too stubborn. God keeps telling me to stop talking with that man but I still keep my conversation with him.
God also did show me verses that tells me that He will provide but I ignored it. Now I feel I just build walls with God because of this.
But our devotion today, He speaks to me that I need to overcome the discouragement from the trials that I am having. So I guess, it is good to be desperate but still you need to ask guidance to the Lord so that He'll guide you if that path is right or wrong.
Thanks for reading!

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