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Step monster

My story is about my step mom I am a 48 year old woman who spent her life feeling like I have missed out on the kind of love I needed out of my parents my step mom AKA Step monster was not good to me and my sisters she didn't like us much nore did she accept our children as her grandchildren because she just didn't want to share our father. Over the years we have been on again off again with her but now that we are older she has changed in ways I couldn't imagine her doing. But the last couple of months she has been ill we didn't know what was wrong but we knew there was something. We were sitting outside together talking and she looked at me and said I regret the way I treated you girls for years and I am sorry and that she loved us. I had waited my whole life to hear those words come out of her mouth all I ever wanted was for her to love me as much as I loved her all those years and I finally got that validation. about a week ago we found out she has stomach cancer and today we found out it is stage 4 and we may be losing her! I am so blessed to have had her in my life bad or good she taught me how to be a step mom and she taught me how to love not because she was good at it but because she wasn't! see god puts people in our paths not to punish us but to teach us I couldn't love my own step children as much as I do if not for her and forgiveness is so important for our own well being I love my step mom to the moon and back and I thank the lord for his amazing grace! Please pray for her we can use all the prayers we can get.

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