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My Class

I've been teaching at the public school in the Philippines for a year and 2 months now. It was very tough then and now. With a dilapidated classroom, most of my class gets all soaked when it rains. My faith is always tested everyday and with the thoughts like who are those who doesn't get a chance to eat breakfast & lunch today? Whose bruises are darker on Mondays? Who are those who kept on tugging a loose shirt? I'm a hypocrite if I will say I didn't asked help to adopt my class. I sent letters to big companies around our city even overseas and yet here we are still clawing to breathe with less pain thinking about the situations we witness daily. Am I scared? Yes I VERY AM. But Its not my job to feel it.

Often chanting :
"Lord, Watch over me for the sea is so vast and my boat is so small".......... Just keep us steady, and we will be okay. Hopefully.