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Earlier in the year, I was having a lot of health problems that I didn't have until that time. I was falling frequently. I would be in the middle of a sentence & forget what I meant to say. I couldn't play my guitar & sing, because I couldn't control my voice & my right hand. I was very disappointed. I went to a neurologist. He ordered a lot of tests. All the results were normal. That was good, but I worried that I would go on having all those symptoms. The neurologist & the nurse at the mental health clinic were going back & forth, changing my medications. I was surprised that they did that without consulting each other first. The last time around, as I adapted to the newest combination of meds, I got to feeling much better than I had been. I have some tingling in my right hand & I am having some trouble opening jars, but I am back to being able to play my guitar. I am able to sing again, and better than before. I don't know what I am doing different than before, but I am very grateful to God. I remember this every night when I go to bed & say my prayers.