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Son on heroin

My son was lost to heroin for about 2 years. I saw him go from a muscular guy to skin and bones. A man that had pride and worked every day to someone I didn't even know. I prayed every day and night for him. I helped him in every way I could except getting him his drug. The last time I went to see him on that fateful night I knew I would get that call soon.
I went home and prayed to God. Lord I'm a control freak, I have prayed to you so many times about my son. This is the hardest thing for me but I'm putting it totally in your hands. Please just wrap your arms around him and save him.
That night I got the call from the hospital. It was my son, the police had picked him up at 3 am. His arm was so infected they took him to the hospital. They said he might lose his arm. It's been 10 months now. He is still clean. Thank you God. God loves everyone, my son is a atheist.