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God's Protection

I always believe God loves us, as the apple of His eyes. Because that is His promise. The other day I was waiting at a signal for the signal to change to green. A government bus was standing very close behind. The Tamilnad government buses are only fit for scrapping. Because of corruption, buses without parts, sharp sheet metal protruding dangerously from various parts, especially the steps, broken glasses, brakes that don't work are normal. So I was a little annoyed that the bus was standing so close. As the light changed to green, I started to move.Suddenly I heard a loud noise of something crashing. As I didn't feel any jerk, I thought some one must have met with an accident behind me and moved on as the traffic was thick. I noticed people in front screaming and waving to me. I slowed down and stopped the vehicle. As I got out I noticed the bus following so dangerously close behind me, standing with the front windshield completely broken down. I saw behind my car. Everything seemed normal. Then some one from the crowd pointed out to the left side tail light. The red cover was broken. But otherwise the vehicle was safe. I thanked God for saving the vehicle, me and two friend who were with me. If the bus had rammed in to the car, the vehicle would have suffered a lot of damage which would have been very expensive to repair. As my fellow passengers were not wearing seat belt, they might have smashed in to the front seat or the windshield.God saved us miraculously.