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Getting over my ex

It was Christmas eve of 2016. I wake up crying cause the love of my life wasn't with me. I was hurting so bad. Then all the sudden a drop of water landed on my forehead and it connected with my tears. It was a clean day so it couldn't of been a leak in my roof. And I was all alone in my bedroom. 4 days later I was talking to my ex. I asked him when he was moving back in ( now mind u he told me in Oct he would b moving back in by the end of the year). I told him I told u if your not moving back in tell me so I can get over u and start a whole new year. He said to me well I do but I don't. I told him good take the don't I'm done. At that moment a heavy weight was lifted off me. God cried with me and he took that trouble away. I love what he has done for me.