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Jesus is Real!!!

I was driving into Steubenville, Ohio, on University Blvd. on my way to the employment office, to collect my unemployment, due to a lay off/store closed: Carlisle's. I stopped at the stop sign intersection, as soon as it was safe to proceed & turn left, a car came barreling down the hill & broadsided me, but time seem to have stopped & I just happened to look to the right side of my front windshield, up to the sky & I saw Jesus, in his robe, holding his Shepard's pole & he suddenly raised his arms & a split second later, I was struck, broadsided by another vehicle, but my car seem to have been lifted up & placed gently on the berm of the highway. I only sustained a bruise on my knee & the other driver was not hurt. When the Police arrived, they were shaking their heads about the position of the cars, because according to the initial impact, the cars would not be in the location found. Jesus, saved 2 lives that day, in 1983 & my faith has been much stronger than ever before in my life!!! "Praise Jesus, he is real!!! 😇