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His Day (Sunday)

I am wicked in my ways,
Regret I show
Has mercy fallen upon me? I shall know
In the multitude of His goodness,
I know of love
Still, my fallen heart
Is acursed to my ways
I am but a man
Searching for answers
To no avail, for evil knocks
The wicked man, never see the truth
For he is gone in the light of day
Under darkness he resides
May he ever see the light?
I wonder,
Only to contemplate my endless blunder
I have seen nothing here
But the storms and hurricanes
Consuming what is inside, is trully fear
I am but a man,
Understanding, looking and searching
Waiting, for a sign my Lord will give
For peace, love and faith
I seek these things
Under what seems endless tribulations
I grow confused
I know my advocate, for it is the Lord my God
And he shall save me, from the wrath of
a thousand suns
For I am wicked, yes
But I am faithful
And I have hope
That will not disspell
Never under evil, never under tribulation
Even if I shall be damned
My Lord is my Savior
And I fear none
For he is with me
And I, in him
May He be with you as well
For His love is great
And His mercy is endless
Never doubt in Him, for He is Almighty
I stand before God
For my sins are many,
And I understand love,
For these chains are heavy
May you understand
The love of The Almighty
For this day is His, and for His Glory