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God answered

God the Father favored my prayer for almost two years praying for help to study the Holy Bible. I ask to send someone to teach me and study the Holy Bible. Two years ago to be exact God answered my prayer.
I met the man who help and teach me how to read the Holy Bible. I come to know more about my Lord Jesus and our Heavenly Father by reading the Holy Bible and praying daily with God. The feeling of His presence close to my heart is very overwhelming. I am always happy and feel secured because I trust God and Love Him so much and shared his love to others. I received my submerged baptism last November 13, 2017 and my life change for good. I communion to God daily by reading the scripture and pray to God for guidance and blessing daily. Please openI your heart and let God come in to your life. Ask Jesus to come in to your life and pray for the Holy Spirit for help, Guidance and blessing.