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The Promise

She taught for 25 years before she received her wings.

She loved her students and God was her source and resource.
As she taught geography to her students, she would remind them
how fortunate they were to have to be in a safe building with desks and books. Each day they would travel via their books to visit countries to observe other schools.

On the day she received her wings, she had gone to school...she went to prayer meetings and choir rehersal. When she came home, she left her front door unlocked and called 911. She then went to the bathroom and relieved herself. She then died as the first responders were coming through the front door.

One would think this to be sad but it isn't. I am her daughter and we has a long coversation about how the faces of children looked in foreign countries even though their schools were deplorable. The children would be smiling because they had the opportunity to learn. Her dream after retirement was to go to Africa and build a small school but safe.

Before they closed her casket, I kissed her and promised I would make her dream come true. God opened the doors and funds were received. God opened the doors again and the land was donated. God kept opening doors to where the ground would be blessed and constuction will began.

The Promise was kept but it was through God and God alone that this building of learning wil be built. Peace