Today we believe God wants us to know that ...

there is no such thing as conditional love.

Love is either unconditional or it's no love. You might like someone conditional on their personality or behavior or circumstances. But love accepts no boundaries. So never say 'I love you because', for love has no cause, love comes from God.

or for your personal Message from God.

Pray with Me Pray for others to make a difference. Ask others to pray for you!


I lost my way. I have been so disrespectful to my girlfriend her family and mine. She left me last week . I ask in the the Lord to heal my heart and vanessa heart and every one else I have hurt. I ask in forgiveness, I also ask God that you once brought me and vanessa together for a reason. Look into my and vanessa heart and remind both of why you once thought we needed each other. I put my life into your hands for guidance. And I ask in Jesus name and the Holy Spirit to help me and vanessa find our love for each other. God all I ask is for you give me the chance to follow your path you have put forth for me and vanessa. Ask in Jesus to put forgiveness in our hearts. Help me and vanessa find our love for each other. I thank the Lord for all he has giving me , my life and the love of family, thank you Lord for bringing vanessa , Andrew, and Sheila into my life. For showing me what loves is and how fast it can be taken when I do not follow his path. Thank you Lord for these lessons. Amen