Prayer Request

Colossians 1:9-10 "For this reason, since the day we heard it, we have not ceased praying for you and asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that you may lead lives worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, as you bear fruit in every good work and as you grow in the knowledge of God." Praise You Lord Jesus Amen Amen

Thank You Lord Jesus for all our blessings and for saving us and forgiving us and for yesterday and to start a new day today. Praise You most Holiest Lord Jesus Amen Amen

Heavenly Father, our Lord Savior Jesus Christ, we pray for the day that You will come and save us again and bring us home to our Father and we pray for the end of all evil on this earth today. Please bless the safety of our President and his family and all the Patriots who are doing Your will. Amen Amen Praise You Lord Jesus Amen Amen

God's blessings over us all to heal us from all illness and disease - over our families and pets our friends. Please keep us safe in our daily lives and on the roads. Please protect our homes and our vehicles and our income. We pray daily for our Salvation - Praise You Lord Jesus Amen Amen

God's blessings over all the children and animals in our world and for all the innocent and handicap and for all animals in the food industry. For the poor the homeless and the hungry and the sick the dying and the ailing and all who are in really bad situations and for all in the cold weather and for the unborn, we pray for blessings over them all. Praise You Lord Jesus. Amen Amen

I pray for special blessings of healing for Heavenly, Oliver, Gabby and what is bothering her foot to heal and Rudi not to get cold, Polly Ann, mom, my sister and brother and myself and prayers to heal the pain in my hip. Please heal all who are ill in all of my family in our mind body and souls and I pray for safety for my sister and nieces in their schools and I pray that it will all work out for my mom and not hurt her. I pray that my sister make better choices in her life and is protected and safe and healthy and thank You for Heavenly & Oliver and Gabby. Amen Praise You Lord Jesus Amen Amen

Please bless our home from all damage - please bless our floors and what's going on underneath! and please pray that our expenses never go higher than our income and and our means. Praise You Lord Jesus Christ Amen Amen

I pray Dearest Lord to bring me to a job that is exactly what I hope for. Amen
I pray Dearest Lord to help me to make better eating choices and to lose this weight once and for all. Amen
I pray Dearest Lord Jesus that to find a God loving man, a friend to go out with and to talk with, someone that will grow in love that You have picked for me. Amen
I pray Dearest Lord Jesus to be healthy in every part of my mind, body and soul and safe. Amen

God's blessings over my friends who are having relationship problems and that no one is scamming each other. Praise You Lord Jesus Amen Amen

Praise You Lord Jesus and Thank You for always being there for me and talking with me. Amen Amen

God's blessings over all of us that come together in prayer and that are in need. Praise You Most Holiest Lord Jesus Christ our Savior. Please bless us this day! Praise You Lord Jesus. I love You always Amen Amen

5h ago

Subject:Times Of Turmoil And Transition
Scripture reading:1 Samuel 1:1-26 (CEB)

Message:...Yesterday I was in a restaurant, and looked out the window to see a river. The Lord said to me, "Do you see the rough surface of that water? That is because there is turmoil under the surface. The same is true with people who are rough around the edges and are easily triggered to things such as pain, anger, hurt, etc.
Let's take a look at Samuel!, Samuel was born into a time of turmoil and transition. He did not pick or choose his circumstances.Samuel's story in the Bible began with a barren woman, Hannah, praying to God for a child.Hannah was a strong believer by faith; yes even in a time of TURMOIL and transition when She did not understand, She was still trusting God and His ways rather than her own;
The Bible says "the Lord blessed her," and she became pregnant. She named the baby Samuel, which means "the Lord hears." When the boy was weaned, Hannah presented him to God at Shiloh, in the care of Eli the high priest.Samuel grew in wisdom and became a prophet.

Pray with me:

Gracious, Merciful, Bountiful Father, I am under constant attack from the enemy. I feel that my life is in great turmoil, and is falling apart at this very moment.I pray, Dear God, that You will hear my humble cry and answer me, for I need You now, more than ever. Give me strength, for I am weary. Amen

Healing and deliverance message:

Today, In the last words Jesus spoke before His death which has the answer to our inner conflicts and turmoil. “Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit.” Let’s examine these words of Jesus and discover the key of having peace in a world filled with turmoil.The first key for having inner peace is to have peace with God.Watch how this positive divine DECLARATION will bring an impactful change in your life:I am the divine messenger and I'm here to reveal to you what's happening in the spiritual realm making it way into your reality.It's all happening for you right now. It's your turning point. All you need to do right now is to believe and trust this positive divine DECLARATION and use this positive divine DECLARATION as a daily practice and watch how miracles unfold in your life. If you were falling a victim to anxiety and indecisiveness about the various different aspects of your life, now is the time to relieve of yourself of self-doubt.If you are suffering through somewhat of an existential crisis, all that is about to change right now. When you are experiencing something painful and challenging, it’s so easy to just surrender and give up the fight.But this positive divine DECLARATION is reminding you that this difficult period is only temporary, and soon you will get past it.You're unstoppable, you're thriving, you're entering new dimensions of possibilities! You can't even stop yourself from your own greatness. All you'll be hearing soon is "CONGRATULATIONS!" You have manifested your Intentions. You have been blessed with the life you've been dreaming of and you're in it right now.


I'm Rev pastor John, prayer warrior, motivational speaker and a spiritual leader. I do prophecies and spiritual healings. I inspired positive transformation that lift mind and spirit to great heights. You'll claim the best over your life. You'll welcome miracles, blessings and good news.Your success story will be the example of what is possible in this life. You'll see how you'll overcome everything that bothers you.Bless you , I recieved that prophetic word in Jesus name.I decree And declare that the supernatural things of God be reviled to you even the more that the overflow of harvest begains now in JESUS Name Amen.

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