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Message from God

Today God wants us to know that illness is often a sign that there are needs you are not taking care of.

Sometimes your body gets sick so that you are forced to slow down and become aware of the messages of your heart and the desires of your spirit. Only when you step outside from the daily treadmill, can you attune to these more subtle inner callings. Don’t wait to get sick before listening to these important inner messages.
41m ago

Prayer Request

Goodnight love ones. Giving praise to the most high. I am a person that writes her words and keep them to herself, but it feels good to write them with likeminded individuals.
Father, thank you for all that you do for us. Father, I have staying more on track talking to you and it’s a shame that I don’t do so when I am happy place. I still pray and talk to you but not as much as should. That has to change.
You have blessed me over and over again. You have kept me alive out of harms ways. You have taught me a lot. Most times I turn a blind eye and you teach me a hard lesson, but your still there with me all the way. Tonight is just a time to reflect, and to show acknowledgment. Father I acknowledge everything you do. Thank you for keep my heart, love, mind, and soul pure. Everything I thinks somethings that’s not me, I am reminding of whom truly I am. Father God please continue to watch over and blessing me. Remember to kill time with kindness. Never allow what others do to you to change you. No matter the magnitude of the hurt and pain. God will smooth the heart and see you through have faith in him. He sees and hear everything. Even the unspoken words. He heard our heart ♥️ and our silent thoughts and words. Amen good night

Father I leave you everything that is not in my control in your hands. Hear our prayers. I pray that all my friends family love ones and those I don’t know prayers come true tomorrow the day after that and after all day and everyday