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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that you weren't created to be a failure.

Sure some things may not have worked out and there have been some disappointments. But all these things helped guide you in a direction that was meant for you. Your life has purpose and significance. Try to be patient if it isn't all crystal clear just yet. For now, just know that you weren't created to fail.

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Let me tell y'all bout my God...

Almost 4 yrs ago...(January)...I was diagnosed with bladder cancer...I had just lost my Momma to Lung & brain cancer the year to hear those words about myself was particularly frightening...I was so afraid I was going to die that I made my friend promise me that she & her husband would look out for my husband, and my children and brother and grandbabies...none of them know that...just she & God had other plans for me...I just didn't know it...are y'all ready for this...I had not one chemo treatment, not one radiation treatment and I have absolutely no scar for THAT particular was all removed via surgery and not a scar to be seen from was then that I realized just how ...

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Dear, Lord. If the world is handi full of god land and why is god is not trying to fix the world? I don't want to be a failure, but I am a motivated and a smart one! I am not the one that knows all the answers to the question most of the time and I am not trying to be a smart mouth! I want the lord to changed in the world that ...

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My Recovery

With intensive treatment and excellent doctors, I have recently emerged from a state of clinical depression that had lasted for more than twenty years. I lost all my material possessions, my means of income, and also the custody of my children due to this debilitating illness. Prayers and Faith and Support from loved ones contributed greatly to my success, but God alone saved me. Don't ever give up on yourself or your future. Believe in God and yourself and your faith with manifest your hopes into reality. The angels and the saints are with us always.

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Dear lord please give Sunil knowledge to understand the situation...please help him realize what it is.. please lord...give me strength to understand him and his plans .please lord

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My Message from God

Today, Bonnie, we believe God wants you to know that the life you are having is the life you are creating.

Even when this seems paradoxical on the surface, - how could you ever possibly want anything but happiness, - on a deeper level, there is something in you that is making it so. To transform your life you first must understand what is keeping it the way it is.

This message seems to say: Bonnie your life sucks because of you. First, really I caused myself to have stage four cancer. Second: My life doesn't suck--even t...

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I Ann paying this prayer because I just finished. I am praying for help with my financial worries and medical bills that have been very hard on me. Taking care of 7 other people while waiting for a disability hearing has been very stressful. I pray I do not offend anyone with this. Thank you.
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