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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that life is not meant to be a speedway.

Slow down to savor the gifts that God has already showered you with.

or for your personal Message from God.
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trust anti stress

I could be stressed many years due to different happenings that I was not in love to... easily, since I started praying to God from my heart, and got a connection every day, the stress started to release and I became more aware of life

Yours E

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As of now its hard for me to wake up every morning being alone.Since my husband pass away last 2013 remembering his good sweet and unforgetable memories that we shared.Now still prayering for my pass recovery and helping my self moving forward to my second chapter of my life.PRAISED THE FATHER....

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Trusting God builds Faith!

Trusting God is not always easy but it is always necessary. Trust builds in baby steps and in testing. God loves me more than I deserve and I Praise Him for helping me to trust Him more than what is happening and/or situations. He has helped me through a divorce (2012) I didn't want. Through some very dark times when I seriously thought that I didn't want to live or wake up! I was in the military and did what was right, but I still have PTSD. God has been healing me (about 5 months ago, I was delivered ...

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My husband of 42 years is dying. He has stage iv prostate cancer. I do everything I possibly can for him, He is only 64 yrs old. Please pray for us! I don't want to lose him, but can't hardly bare to watch him keep going down. He is in a lot of pain and is on a lot of pain meds and still has pain. He is pretty much bed ridden as he can't ...

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The path of life

We are a family who has mother is a single parent. My father separated to us when I was 4. It is so hard for me to study due to financial disability. No food to eat for a day. Even a rent for the house we cannot pay. But because of the perseverance of my mother for us to live I've learned how to focus on study. In which I am dreaming that someday I could help my mother and let her stop from working. Then when the days, years past. I started to learn on how to make a snack for me to sell it to our school for me to have my allowance and it continues till i Graduated secondary level. This ...

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Theses days i feel desperated and hopeless. I have two olders brothers ( 23, 24). I am 21. I am France sorry in advance for my bad english. I am someone who work hard in her studies. I hoped to become a doctor, i didn't success. Yeah I failed my exam. Since that day, my vision of life has deeply changed. Ambitions, desire of success, everything disappeared. I heard that God has another plan for me even if i don't see it at the moment. After i failed my exam, i tried to look for something else ( I lost...

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"YOU will be all right"

Sitting in lotus pose in yoga class and breathing, I suddenly saw a golden light surround me and a giant orange bird fly over me. Quite distinctly I heard, "YOU will be all right", and an enormous peace settled in over me. 3 months later I was in a terrible car accident where I was hit by a dump truck on the driver's side and could've easily died in. On opening my eyes, I knew I was in deep trouble, but that message that everything would be all right came through loud and clear. Little by little I've recovered from...

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I hope.. I am not wasting my time with having hope for my ex girlfriend I want to gain her trust so bad and perhaps fix our failed relationship..

Myung Wha