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Message from God

Today God wants us to know that when you are in doubt, stop and listen.

There is not one question in your life that God is not ready to give you guidance on. All you have to do is stop and listen. Listen long enough to know.

Prayer Request

Psalm 133:1 "How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!" Praise You Lord Jesus - we pray Amen Amen

Look not at the world as your guide -Trust our Lord Jesus as Your Savior - just open your hearts to His Holy messages and guidance - it truly is amazing! Let go and just believe. and feel and know the Peace of His Love. Amen Amen

Thank You our Savior Lord Jesus for all our blessings seen and unseen. Amen Amen
Although I stumble many times - I get back up because it is by Your Love and by Your Grace that You bring me to follow You my Lord Jesus because my way is weak and Your way is just. Please bless us when we pray really hard but we are not seeing our prayers answered the way we want and that Your way is sometimes a path we do not understand. Please help us to have peace and faith and strength even when we do not understand Your path Dearest Savior. Amen Amen I pray for all to come to You our Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit to know the Joy of Our Savior Lord Jesus and I pray to always be close to You and have Your blessings to protect us all from the evil one and all that is evil! Praise You Lord Jesus Christ our Savior Amen Amen Amen

I pray for God's blessings over my family, friends our pets and our homes and myself and thank You for all our prayers blessed. Amen We pray to always be safe in life and on the roads and to be healthy and free from all illness and disease and to always be happy and give and receive love because of Your Holy Gift of forgiveness. Amen I pray that we have a good balance of rain/sun and no hurricanes or bad storms this year. I pray for all the children and unborn babies and all animals and the innocent of our world to be saved from all harm. I pray for the violence to end and unity begin and I pray for the protection and safety of our President, Patriots and their families as they fight in this war against evil. Amen I pray to You my Savior Lord Jesus Christ to end all evil in Your Holy Name Lord Jesus Christ and to protect us. Praise You Lord Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen Amen

Thank You my Savior Lord Jesus for all my blessings and that I will always appreciate and keep my heart and eyes open to Your Holy guidance in my life. I cannot do this life on my own and now I no longer want to. You have opened my eyes and heart to Your Love and thru Your Grace, I never want to go back to who I was. Please heal me Dearest Lord Jesus and please guide me. Amen Thank You my Savior Jesus for loving me and I love You more each day. Praise You Lord Jesus Amen Amen Please hold me close and guide me - Thank You Lord Jesus Amen Amen

God's blessings over all of us that come together in prayer and God bless our families. Praise You Lord Jesus Christ our Savior Amen Amen Amen

2h ago

Subject: Declaration Prayer For Job Breakthrough.

Scripture reading: Matthew 7:7, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Praying for a job breakthrough without getting anyone can be frustrating. The hope of securing a good or better job is becoming so difficult to come across. Many graduates and family people are on the street looking for a good job to engage themselves with, but unfortunately, many ended up being joblessness. Many people are oppressed, depressed, frustrated because they are no job breakthrough. Once you begin to find it hard to find a job or better job, you will be stagnated.

Pray with me.

I come before you at this moment in the areas of job. Thank You for providing employment for me. Father, cover my Curriculum Vitae (C.V) with the blood of Jesus. Let the heavens of my job breakthrough be opened unto me, in Jesus name. I command the doors of employment to open for me. Good job is my portion this month. I decree and declare that good connection, unmerited favour and good news call shall locate me in Jesus name. Those who rejected me will soon open doors for me in the name of Jesus. I am a divine messenger.I'm here to reveal to you what's happening in the spiritual realm making it way into your reality.Confess all sins and renounce them and ask for forgiveness.

Ancestral curse of poverty and joblessness working in my life, break and release me, I must work, in Jesus name.

Every curse of failure and joblessness in my life break, release me and my job, in Jesus name.

Evil flow of joblessness and poverty running in my family line, I cut off myself from you Every order of rejection and idleness working in my life, I cut you off from my life in Jesus name.

Anointing to be accepted for a job and employment, posses me fully, in Jesus name. Anointing of favour, take over my life for the unexpected good news, in Jesus name.

Every dark cloud, covering my job glory, clear away by fire, in the name of Jesus. Every evil altar separating me from my divine job, catch fire,s in Jesus name.

Every global economic situation, I command you to give way to me and my destiny in Jesus name.

Job manipulators, enough is enough in Jesus name.

Pray with me.

Father, empower me and put words into my mouth to speak confidently at my job interviews, in Jesus name.  I have an assurance and expectation that I will be victorious at the end in the name of ‘Jesus’ – ( Jeremiah 29:11). I decree that the plans of the enemies concerning my job shall scatter by fire. Every curse of thou shall not get a job, operating in my life, shall break by fire.Heavenly Father, You know how important it is for me in my job search to have good contacts for job leads, and positive references to use when I am applying for work. I pray that You will help me effectively build up key contacts that I know in my field, and also that my former colleagues and supervisors will be happy to provide references for me. I pray for favor in this area. Amen.

Positive divine DECLARATION.

From today henceforth you will be fill with blessings,divine surprises and strategic connections. With God setbacks, are just a setup for a BREAKTHROUGH.Get up, dress up and show up! It's time to be bold and make a statement. The world is desperately waiting for you to show up. No, they aren't waiting for you to show up with your casual outlook on life and your casual attire, they're waiting for the real you to show up and shine. It's a new day remember that. You've played it safe for too long and maybe you've played down to other people's expectations of you and maybe you've hidden your true power and potential. But not today and not this moment. No way! You're going to get up, dress up, walk with absolutely faith and speak with absolute conviction and only feel one emotion certainty, flowing through every vein of your body. It's time to make some moves, grab hold of that phone and make some calls, do some deals, set up some meetings and make some BIG DECISIONS now. The divine realm is not going to let you wait for anyone's permission. Step up and give yourself permission because you've support from the divine realm. You've tried uncertainty, you've tried self doubt and you've tried to fit in, playing by everyone else's rules. So how exactly is that working out for you?. Let's make some moves today, God is on our side. Go for it, be bold and don't you dare look back. Everything you want is out in front of you. Those that are divinely positioned to help you secure this job will not rest until they fulfill God’s promises in your life. The places that you have submitted your credentials, let your blessings begin to speak for yourself aloud. Lord, let me be at the right place (organisation) at the right time. Holy Spirit direct me to the right company, right people that will aid my job breakthrough. Lord, bless me with a good (better) job so that I can bless others and pay my tithe and offerings regularly. From this day, I declare that ”no more looking unto men for help that go with unclean  motives.”


I'm Rev pastor John, I minister deliverance, and manifestations are just a part of what takes place during my ministry sessions.I am a prayer warrior, motivational speaker and a spiritual leader. I do prophecies, I am an intrusive love healer,i do spiritual healings, personal follow up prayers for deliverance. I inspired positive transformation that lift mind and spirit to great heights. You'll claim the best over your life. You'll welcome miracles, blessings and good news.Your success story will be the example of what is possible in this life. You'll see how you'll overcome everything that bothers you.Bless you , I recieved that prophetic word in Jesus name.I decree And declare that the supernatural things of God be reviled to you even the more that the overflow of harvest begains now in JESUS Name Amen.

Please to all my followers take note.Many deliverances are either not complete, or have failed simply because the person hasn’t opened up with the minister about everything that needed to come fourth. This is why it is important to bring up such failures and struggles when going through a deliverance. Even if you have repented of those sins, there may be spirits lingering that must still be driven out.Not all deliverances are going to produce a manifestation. Many times they manifest in a mild fashion (yawn, burp, cough, body twitch, shaking, an evil look in their eyes, etc.) while other times they manifest by screaming or even a violent manifestation where the person must be held down. I do not require a manifestation in order to claim victory, but I like to at very least have the person tell me that they felt a release. Can I hear someone say Amen!.