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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that hope never leaves.

Sometimes you can't see it or feel it. Sometimes hope seems far away. Often the difficulties you face make it seem as if hope has abandoned you. But hope never leaves. It is always there, ready for you to embrace.

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God healed me!

God healed me! My precious Jesus visited me, poured out His Love on me and healed me of breast cancer, I received a strong blow to the chest in January of last year. After 3 months, changes began, I was examined by ultrasound and mammography, at that time there was no cancer. I was told to have an examination every 3 months of breast ultrasound. Time passed, I felt worse, but there was no money for the examination.And I said "Let it be as it will be, for all Your will!" And I wanted to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and prayed, praised God at night.He came to me, my Beloved, Jesus, my treasure, the ...

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Please pray for my daughter brianna she is still sick. Possibly mono. Has ear pain sinus and throat pain. She has only a few weeks left of the college semester and needs to be better to go to school she is so sick and stressed pray that she is back to normal by this weekend

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A New Life.

God took care of me when I couldn't even take care of myself.So very thankful.

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I heartedly ask you prayers for myself, for my soul..Help me to pray and asks Jesus for forgiveness to my sin ,a sin that i hardly turn my back on it..I am always begging Jesus to take me out of that kind of very shameful wrongdoings..I am a morher 7 children, and i really dont know what to do but i just want them to send them in school..i know and everybody knows, they are...

Evangelist Anthony
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my prayer garden

im new to this talking to God thing,but im always in my garden.I talk to the flowers,and my trees,so it seems a natural place to talk to God.I tell him my fears,I tell him when i doubt,I thank him for being there for me..if I need to offload,i do it in my garden...its a place of peace for me,and I do feel God is there.I told him we need him real bad as there is so much evil,I tell him I love him because without him I would have no hope..I told him hope is such a big word,its up ...

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Well i got denied for my loan modification, trustee sale in 9days.
Cant loose my home.
Prayers for bankruptcy to go thru,which i dont want.
Losing faith here,been thru so much lately.
My prayers seem to be stuck in limbo
Prayy for me.

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Simply say Thank you for everything...

Simply acknowledge - everything we have is from God. in a second if all we have will be taken away - imagine what will happen? Pause for a moment - close your eyes and paint that image and how would you face it - if ever... until then... you would appreciate how God loves you despite of's... how He forgives even if's... Humility begets Compassion and Discernment... It takes Pride to subdue, for Humility to triumph.

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Today I ask all of my prayer warriors to pray for me as I am going through financial troubles. It seems I cant get a break, I am mother of 2 boys and single. I also ask that you pray that peace over comes me while I am trying to figure out my feelings and relationship with my youngest sons father. he has hurt me so many times and I continue to let him back ...