God Wants You to Know

Daily messages to connect you with God
Message from God

Today God wants us to know that the life you are having is the life you are creating.

Even when this seems paradoxical on the surface, - how could you ever possibly want anything but happiness, - on a deeper level, there is something in you that is making it so. To transform your life you first must understand what is keeping it the way it is.

Prayer Request

John 3:17 "For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved." Thank You Heavenly Father and Praise You Lord Jesus Amen Amen

Thank You our Savior Lord Jesus for all the blessings seen and unseen. Amen Thank You Lord Jesus for forgiving us and loving us in so many ways as in Your Holy Suffering to save us from our sins! Holy Amen! (In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen) and for the blessings for our families and homes and our pets and the gifts from Your Love. Amen My words are weak in expressing my love and gratitude but You only see inside my heart which is real. Amen. Thank You Lord Jesus in keeping us safe and healthy and helping us to pay our bills (so many Miracles Amen) and bringing me to a new job - I am so happy that this is is a great opportunity since I believe in my heart that it came from You my Savior. Amen I can feel Your Love in my life and Your Guidance as Your Love never ends and please forgive me for all my transgressions as I am still growing to learn Your Holy Ways Amen!. Thank You my Savior Lord Jesus Christ Amen Amen

I pray for God's healing blessings over my niece who is ill with disease - please cast out all disease from her body and I pray that she and her sister have a wonderful and happy and healthy and safe life. Amen Amen

Prayers from You our Savior that we have the Holy Angles of Heaven protecting us on earth especially the children and the animals and innocent and all who are suffering as we await Your Return. We Love You our Savior Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

God bless America-we are under siege! but we will cast doubt and fear aside - BELIEVE "Feed your faith and not your doubt or fear" We need to stay strong Pray and be brave in Jesus our Savior. It is tough at times as we see so much pain and suffering around us and we don't understand but we must trust in God's plan. Jesus is truly Amazing so keep the faith and keep praying and Take Your Stand with Jesus Christ our Savior! Now is the time! Unconditional Faith Amen Amen

We pray for great health and healing and comfort, and for our safety in all of our lives and in our homes and on the roads, and for good jobs that will help shelter us and to pay our bills and we pray for the end of drugs and bad government. We pray that our faith will show us how to have peace in our hearts. Amen God bless our President Trump & VP and all patriots and all of faith who are in this fight against the evil-Praise You Lord Jesus Christ Amen. For the ones who do not know Jesus, that they open their hearts to Him now! Amen To give and receive love and forgiveness, and our strength and faith to grow in Jesus continuously and to be closer to Him as we pray for our Salvation. Amen Amen

Praise You Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen We rebuke the evil one through the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen and We pray for faith and strength and direction and protection as You are truly the One and Only Way to our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen We repent and pray for Your 2nd coming as You are Jesus our Savior Amen

God's blessings over all of us who come together in prayer Amen Amen
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Praise You our King of Kings Lord Jesus Christ - Love, Peace, Faith and Hope and Joy Amen Amen

My prayers
I love You Lord Jesus and trust only You Jesus with my whole heart and I need You always when times are good and not so good. I need You when I can't see or feel where I am walking or distracted or when I am afraid and have anger and anxiety and depression, that I will always know that You are there protecting me and bring me to peace and safety Amen! Please bless us with good health and safety and a free country and world! Amen Please protect us from all bad weather and tornados and hurricanes and violence. Amen I pray for a great working environment and team and that I will work hard and do well in my new position and enjoy it and that I get along with all people and management. Amen Praying for the protection for me and my family, pets, friends and our homes and I pray that we all come to You Lord Jesus for everything. Amen I pray for help with my current worries as I lift them up to You my Savior. Amen Please guide me in all of my life and grant me the patience needed and to leave my ego out of everything as Your Miracles are all I need. Amen. I pray to hold my tongue and not speak ill of others. Amen Please help me and we pray to keep all evil from us and our homes - Lord Jesus Christ Amen Amen
God's blessings of safety and great health and healing over Heavenly & Chayra, Gabi, Oliver & Dan, Connie, MaryJ, MaryF, Blair, Mom & Dad (&family), Linda, Tom, Chuck (& family), Rudi & Polly Ann, Natalie(family), Risa & Craig (& kitties) and myself, for Lynn, Rich, Sam, Lucy, Johnny, Gino, Patti & Chuck and Carol & Carlos, Brandon, Rachel, and for all of our families and young ones and all who need extra prayers. Amen God bless us all God bless our families and our country and world and all of our Prayers Amen Amen Thank You Jesus for every gift! Thank You for my sister's results and protecting her from all harm and danger and for Rudi getting better and praying that she does not have more eggs or can deliver safely if she does and MaryF continued healing and for my great new job coming! Praise You Lord Jesus my Savior. I love You dearly and Thank You Lord for speaking to and guiding me each moment. Amen Amen