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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that now is the right time.

You know that thing you have been putting off? Now is the right time to do it. Remember ... if you act like now is all the time you have, you will always have all the time in the world.

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My safety......

Our Lord has been answering my prayers for the last 22 years because I just had the ability to celebrate my 38th birthday last month!!! :) That just means that I've been blessed with his protection and haven't been SHOT just like I was way back when I was ONLY 16 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!

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A special prayer for Orrin Vincent who will undergo corrective surgery on August 23, 2017 in British Colombia. May the hands of the surgeons be guided by God's grace and may Sandy find comfort in God's mercy as she patiently awaits the result

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On june 15 2015. after a week of being so sick and 3 trips to the hospital i was rushed into surgey for a shattered spleen..there was no accident or it threw the doctors off...upon surgery i remeber waking up and was looking down at myself as they were trying to revive me...and i started yelling down..IM STILL HERE!!!! they didnt here me ...and i thought it was a dream until about 4weeks later..they had me strapped down for 4 days due to me trying to rip the venaloter from my mouth.I knew it was bad when i seen my nephew there due to him never being able to stay at a hospital very long!! .i came home after 2 weeks in hospital sh...

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Please pray for my friend Alicia. She has had one blow after another. She was battling breast cancer last year and had a double mastectomy. Then the mastectomy caused her to have frozen shoulders and needed to have surgery on each shoulder separately. It was very painful and long recovery. About a month ago she lost her dog....that was her baby. This week she had an MRI and found out that she now has ...

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God is so good

I had surgery on my kidney the 27th of July!! The tumor they removed was cancer! But thank God it was all contained to the tumor! I have a 6 to 8% chance to hat will come back!! What I need to do now is have a CT in 6 months!! If everything is ok! I will have one a year!!

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Thank you for all Your blessings today Lord, and please forgive my wrongdoings.
Please protect us from heavy rains and possible flooding. Lord, You are in control. Special prayers for Dad's health situation. I ask prayers for the complete healing of my parents, relatives and friends, Kian's soul, our noisy neighbors, and all my other prayer requests. I claim healing, and my blessings in advance, in Jesus' name. Amen. God bless you.