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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that the more you are, the more you can be for others.

You cannot give to others what you do not have yourself. First, make yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually wealthy, and then freely give to others.

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January 2011

January 2011 was the month I realized our heavenly Father never leaves our side and gives us his strength when we need it. This is the month, I started a new job on January 3rd, lost my father on January 19th and my mother on January 31st.
God knew I needed a new job in order to deal with what the rest of month would have in store for me. I was so miserable and unhappy in my previous job that being at this new one, he placed me in one that had such an understanding boss and coworkers, I was able to deal with my parents passing with no worry about losing my new job for not performing at my best.
My parents pass...

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I am asking for prayer for Allen a friend of ours who is fighting motor neurone disease and he was diagnosed with leukemia this week. We are trusting God for a miracle in Allen's life.

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Things Unfolding.

I lost my husband two years ago while I was in my country and he in his. He died suddenly of cardiac arrest. Needless to say, I was caught unprepared. But God just took over. Especially on my financial situation. First though, before I could get to his country albeit missing the funeral, his beloved sister took charge of everything magnificently given she adored her little brother and she had the means to do it. I was caught without any money in my accounts since my husband just spent his last dime paying for our beautiful house in my country. All paid off. He also received his pension just in the nick of time when his country extended the age to retire a year...

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Please pray for my sweetheart, Jeff. He lost his job in September and hasnt been able to find work since. He's only disability and can only work 2 days a week. His car transmission died yesterday. We dont have any way to replace it. Pleas pray!

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Be alert always . . . .

My Dad passed away 9 days ago. I was grief-stricken. I am an only child. My faith was being tested. I took to bed after his passing as I was unable to function without crying. One day later I was in bed awake and had the TV on to help distract me. As I watched TV I noticed a bright yellow color coming from my bedroom window. I got up to check it out. I looked to the right and saw the sky brightly colored yellow! I had never seen a yellow sky before. As my eyes scanned to the left, I noticed the sky was a perfect blue. Then as I looked further to the left practically in front of me there stood i...

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Pray that I can do better in school, pray for my situations get better. I've been committing sins that I know I should have stopped but I don't know what happened. I pray for forgiveness and pray that God can help me with my issues and problems and pray that my relationship with him can get better.

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I prayed for my husband to get a good job we

It took a year but God works on his time not ours we are grateful for the things the Lord has done for us and our family I couldn't have made it without him so when you think the Lord is not with you he is so I guess what I'm trying to say is just believe and never give up Faith

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Please Please Please pray for us!!!! Please!!!