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Message from God

Today we believe God wants us to know that when the world seems crazy, chaotic, destructive, you can choose to create your own world of peace and love.

You do not have to immerse yourself in the illusion of craziness. You can create your own heaven on earth by being kind, surrounding yourself with good people, and nurturing the earth.

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Getting over my ex

It was Christmas eve of 2016. I wake up crying cause the love of my life wasn't with me. I was hurting so bad. Then all the sudden a drop of water landed on my forehead and it connected with my tears. It was a clean day so it couldn't of been a leak in my roof. And I was all alone in my bedroom. 4 days later I was talking to my ex. I asked him when he was moving back in ( now mind u he told me in Oct he would b moving back in by the ...

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Everyone please pray for the Philippines as they go through the deadly storm Urduja, it's already killed thousands. It's a wonderful country with really kind people so keep them in mind.

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Sad...but glad they are safe....

Please Pray for my Grandaughter and her two Small Sons...WHILE SHE WAS AT WORK AND BOYS IN SCHOOL,SHE WAS ROBBED ...They stripped her house,all electronics,clothing of hers and the boys,all Christmas Presents...Childrens books and puters etc....It was 2 young men and a girl....2 days ago...Please Pray they get caught...

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My son Anthony is an atheist and is trying to get family members to no longer believe in God. Im a firm believer of Jesus! Ive been praying about my son and even have had my church members to pray that God will open his eyes so that he can see that Jesus is real. Since Ive had many people praying for him he is so hateful and mean. I know thats the devil in him making him that way. He was ...

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At the age of 10 years old waa rape by two family members until the age of 16 kept it to myself for years until another family member found OUt start looking for love in the WRONG PLACES got involved WITH preachers deacon AND individuals looking for love in all the wrong places also tried tried so many times to end my life did not want to live oh but he gave me Love noy peace of mind thank you Lord for YOUR love peace of mind appreciate you GOD

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Please pray with me that my son’s long case will be finally over so that he can get on with his life and become financially responsible for himself and his son. Please Dear God let his heart heal so that he can move on and find someone who will love him and his son. Amen