Pamela Phree
May 1, 2017

Miracles happen!

I know that God can perform miracles; I just wasn't sure if he was going to give my Brian one. My partner of 27 years and I have gone through hell together. After a lifetime of drinking and smoking, he gave up both five years ago and finally became the man I knew he could be. After a few nights of suffering what we both thought was indigestion, one night, the pain was particularly bad. I had to call an ambulance. At the hospital, they diagnosed him with severe pancreatitis. Which was odd since Brian had given up drinking years before. The next day in the hospital, Brian quit breathing. A Code Blue sent the hospital team scrambling. They were able to 'bring him back' but needed to know why he quit breathing. An emergency surgery revealed that severe pancreatitis had killed most of his bowel and nearly all of his intestines. Gangarine had already set in. The surgeon removed what he could of the dead tissue and sewed him up. Brian was critically ill, on total life support, and had a 10% chance of surviving. Prayer requests were posted on Facebook. Friends and family prayed and churches were praying for this man they'd never met and didn't know. After nearly three weeks in a coma, Brian opened his eyes and slowly began to mend. It was a bona fide miracle! None of the doctors gave him any hope. That is not to say Brian's recovery is easy. He has to be fed intravaneously and has had many life-threatening infections. But he's alive. The moral of the story is: not to give up hope. No matter how dire the doctors predictions, God can and does intervene if it is His will. Miracles happen even in this day and age. Thanks God for allowing my Brian to live! He is the gentlest, kindest man I've ever known. Now I'm praying for another miracle--that in six months, the surgery that's planned for him to have his damaged bowel and intestines replaced, will be successful. And my greatest prayer is that this post gives someone else hope that their loved one will also survive--despite the odds.