Cheri Rodriguez
Guest Prayed for Anonymous' prayer request.
Cheri Rodriguez

Listening to God

I was at Church one Sunday when our Pastor spoke about giving. He challenged us to give a gift to someone, anonymously, without getting any credit. Of course, I mulled over that but didn’t think more about it.
Now, I had a pair of earrings that I absolutely LOVED. They were a pretty crystal Aquamarine stud. The color was a beautiful match for my skin tone. One day, as I was getting ready for work, I went to my Jewelry Box to retrieve them. I could only find one stud even though I looked frantically in every drawer. I then immediately stripped my dresser of everything to see if I could find the other one. Nothing.
I was so unhappy but figured I could probably find another pair that were similar. After much searching that weekend, I could not find a replacement. My last stop was Montgomery Wards. Not one pair came close to my pretty earrings. So, instead, I found a pair of pink earrings and thought I could learn to love them.
Now, at this particular time, my household was down to one car and my husband and my schedule were different 2 days a week. I had a wonderful friend from my Church who was a Nurse and worked at the same Hospital that I did and was able to pick me up and give me a ride to work on those day’s I didn’t have the car. Her name was Dora. She was a slender girl with pretty blond hair.
The earrings stayed on my dresser for a week or two. Once day I decided to wear them to work. As I reached for them, God said, those aren’t for you, they’re for Dora. WHAT??? But I wanted them!!
Well, I struggled with this for a few minutes but ultimately said “Okay Lord”, I will give them to her. The next thing I heard was, she’s not to know that they’re from you. I then remembered the Sermon Pastor John gave a few weeks earlier. Okay Lord, I will get her address and mail them to her with a card that says “God wanted you to have these”. Love, a friend in Christ. The MOMENT I said Okay Lord I will do it Your way, I heard something drop on my dresser. It was the other earring that I had lost!! It was as if God held it in His hand and was waiting on me to let it go.
Several days after I mailed the earrings to Dora, she picked me up for work. She was wearing the earrings (which by the way looked great on her). She told me about receiving them in the mail with an anonymous card. I said “wow, that’s pretty awesome”. That was it. I think she suspected that it was from me, but I never let on.
Sometimes you have to listen to that still small voice. Not only was she Blessed, but I was as well!