Mitra Owraghi
Apr 12, 2017

Knowing Jesus Christ!

Soon I will be 59 years old, I'm a former Muslim who always worshiped God, I started asking about God when I was only 3 years old, I asked so much that my family got very concern about that and they would always advised me that if I don't stop thinking about God so much I would lose my mind very soon, and their reason was that God is so great that no one can understand Him and they would always be question about Him, so make the long story short I kept searching and searching and praying to Him and I never let go of Him, until when I was 19 years old and for many hard situation in my life I let go of His hands and tried to kill myself, but because He had better plans for me He didn't take me home, and when I opened my eyes and found out that I'm still here I promised Him that no matter what my situation will be I would never do this again and I asked Him for forgiveness, so when I turned 49 years old He put someone in my life to tell me about Jesus Christ, and that was the end of my searching, after 8 months learning about Jesus I decided that I wanted to give my life to Him, so the friend who told me about Jesus baptized me and I became a new person in Jesus Christ, I was suffering from depression and anxiety for 29 years and I was on medication for all those years but as soon as I gave my life to Him I was healed, so now is almost 10 years that I'm free of all those pain and suffering and this is because of His grace and mercy for all of us who would decide to give Him their lives and start living for Him! Thank you Lord for answering my questions just by getting to know You, I am free now, free of all the chain of what this life wanted to offer, and that was nothing but pain and suffering and most of all I know I am forgiven because of the blood You shed for us! Amen.