Prayer Request

Please pray for me that I’m in tears that the job of a childcare being a teacher is not my dream job. It’s not what I want to do because it doesn’t fit who I am as a person. I pray that one day I will get my I get my dream job as a library page job because that’s my passion. The job that I am doing as a teachers aid for childcare, I feel my site supervisor boss is being bossy because, I know I’m suppose to whatever she ask, I’m suppose to do but, she treat me like trash like she’s being a bully I should be respected because and she being mean 1. I don’t have license because I’m trying to get my license going to school , 2. I feel so Down graded. 3. She blame me for breaking the safety door gate for the kids door when it wasn’t me when I was trying to go back in the classroom, I already saw it like that. It’s one of the co-worker that did that and when I to her, she she said yeah what ever and fixed it. She cut me trying to explain what happen.4. When I was takin notes and put it on the table, she told me to put it away work notes and I feel so down grade me because in the beginning she said put it away it feels like trash. 5. When lunch time, I didn’t know I can’t eat I. Someone else desk because there no privacy to eat my lunch where I can be alone and it’s my 1st time eating at the kitchen. The kitchen you can see kids play when your in the kitchen and there are many times I have eaten at other people office and they don’t care. And my the boss, site supervisor, I said to her, oh I didn’t know and she said, you should of asked. I hold my breath and walked away. I don’t like she’s treating me.

Thank you